What is a Landlocked Property?

What is a Landlocked Property?

A landlocked property is a piece of land that has no legal access to it from a public road. This is because it is surrounded by other pieces of land owned by other people. The only way to reach this parcel of land is by crossing over someone else's owned property.What is a Landlocked Property?

Since there is no way to get to the land without crossing over someone else's property it is considered landlocked. It may seem pointless to purchase a landlocked property but the good news about a landlocked property is that it does not have to remain so. The buyer can go through measures to create access to the property. The process could be as easy as negotiating with a neighboring landowner or it could become a lengthy legal process.

How Does a Property End up Landlocked?

It may seem silly to purchase a piece of property that has no ability to legally access it. How does it even happen that a parcel of land can become landlocked and be sold as such?

The most common occurrence with landlocked properties is when a property owner has a significant amount of land and decides to subdivide their property and sell off a portion. It is not uncommon for a property owner who owns a large amount of property to want to subdivide the property and sell it in smaller parcels to help make some money. Often these parcels of land do not come with direct access to the nearest road. Often the original land owner, as they subdivide, will be willing to create an easement and allow property buyers to build private roads to access their property from the main road.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Landlocked Property

Though a property is surrounded by other owned properties without access to a main road there can be some advantages to purchasing a landlocked parcel. For example, can give the buyer the ability to purchase raw land for building a dream home at a lower price. The drawback of course would be going through the steps to gain access through a neighboring property to the main road. It is always best to work with an experienced local real estate agent who knows the area well and can help negotiate with the current property owner of the landlocked parcel as well as neighboring property owners to see about the possibility of gaining access to the property.

It is also in a buyer's best interest to have a reputable real estate attorney on their side to make sure that they know every detail of the legalities and possibilities of gaining access to a landlocked property before signing a purchase contract.

It is highly unlikely to purchase a home that is built on a landlocked property. Landlocked is usually sold when it is undeveloped. So if you are looking for a piece of land to purchase to build your dream home this could be a possibility to save money on that land purchase. Again you should always step into this type of land purchase with the right professional health and expertise on your side purchasing land to build a dream home can be amazing but you want to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Donald Payne of Vision Realty shares this in a blog post about buying land:

"Purchasing vacant land can be a beneficial way to have the dream home you have always wanted. You just want to make sure you have the right expert help to give you the best insight on making a smart purchase. "

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