What Are Granbury Public Schools Like?

What Are Granbury Public Schools Like?If you are new to Granbury or are relocating to Granbury with your family you are probably looking for good insight into the public schools in Granbury. No doubt, as a parent, you probably have plenty of questions and want to make sure your favorite people are well taken care of when going to a new school. 

A List of Schools in Granbury

  • Granbury High School
  • Acton Middle School
  • Granbury Middle School
  • Acton Elementary School
  • Nettie Baccus Elementary
  • Brawner Elementary
  • Oak Woods Elementary
  • Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy
  • STEAM Academy at Mambrino
  • STARS Accelerated High School

About Granbury ISD

There are 10 schools in total in Granbury ISD. There is one traditional high school and one special high school offering an accelerated program. There are two middle schools and 4 elementary schools An early learning academy (preschool) and a STEAM school round out the learning institutions. 

What Third-Party Websites Have to Say

As real estate agents we are limited in what we can share about our personal opinions regarding schools This is because we are unable to give you "biased" information that could steer you in one way or another toward a property. The decision has to be all yours. We can help guide you on where to find answers to questions you are looking for on schools. Sometimes checking out third-party information on outside websites can give you more insight into schools.


Niche.com is a leading website in neighborhood and location analytics. It rates and provides reviews on cities, neighborhoods, schools, etc. to help give you insight unavailable in other locations. Check out the district and each individual school in the district as well as private schools in Granbury. Find statistics and Niche.com's own rating system as well as reviews left by families that have experience with the schools. 

The Granbury School District receives an above-average grade from Niche.com of B+. To see more of the ratings for the district and ratings for each school head to Niche.com.

U.S. News and World Report

The U.S. News and World Report is a trusted news outlet that also does research and provides statistics and best-of lists on many subjects. One of the things they research is schools across the country. To see the statistics on the school district including the student-teacher ratios, the diversity makeup, education level of teachers, test scores, and more check out the page on Granbury ISD here. 

Great Schools

Great Schools is another trusted third-party website for finding information about schools in a certain area. Instead of giving schools a grade like Niche, this website uses stars and number ratings. They also provide reviews from people in the district. 

Here is an excerpt of a review on Oak Woods from a parent left at Great Schools:

"......We were amazed at how kind, thoughtful and welcoming all school staff was to our family. My daughter was welcomed immediately into her classroom and made friends on the first day! She received all the support and encouragement she needed to really make up for lost time and is doing exceptionally well with her academics and her friendships......"

The public schools in Granbury are highly regarded and many of the students in the high school graduate successfully. If you are considering moving to Granbury with your family the educational options are promising.

For more information on living in Granbury, please contact me. I am here to help with any Granbury real estate needs including both buying and selling homes in Granbury Texas and surrounding areas. 

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