Watering Tips for Your Granbury Landscaping in the Texas Summer Heat

Watering Tips for Your Granbury Landscaping in the Texas Summer HeatIf there's one thing many people know about Texas is that it gets hot in the summer, very hot. As such it can be difficult to take care of your Granbury home's landscaping when temperatures reach the triple digits. Some homeowners may think they need to use a copious amount of water that will cost an arm and a leg but there are some ways to smartly water your landscaping without using large amounts of water.

Here are some great watering tips for your Granbury landscaping this summer

Do not water it every day

This may sound crazy but you actually do not need to water your grass every day to keep it looking green and great. Watering every day tells the grass roots to remain shallow. A shallow grass root will not hold up in hot weather.

The best watering schedule for a hot Texas summer is 25 to 30-minute cycles twice per week. This will actually help to keep you within the parameters of water restrictions suggested by local governments anyway. When local requirements ask for homeowners to reduce to one watering per week you can increase the time to about 45 to 50 minutes. A well-fed lawn will be able to withstand this and it helps the roots to grow deeper making your grass a lot more sturdy and hearty.

The best time to water is in the morning

It is not a good idea to water your lawn when the temperatures are as high as possible, you want to wait for a time when the temperatures are their lowest to avoid evaporation and the water going elsewhere than its intended target. Mornings are most often the coolest part of the day make sure to water your lawn as early as possible in the lowest temperatures possible so that the water actually goes into the lawn.

Don't oversoak runoff areas or areas of clay soil

As you are watering your lawn watch for areas that may have run off this will help you to avoid wasting water because the water will just roll in a different direction and not soak into the soil. Give more water attention to areas higher up that will retain some water but disperse it elsewhere and less attention to lower areas where the water will run to and collect.

Make sure you have the correct sprinklers

It is not uncommon for Texas homes to have sprinkler systems embedded into the landscaping. Sometimes these systems are not the most efficient and don't distribute the water the way it needs to be. If you have just purchased your Granbury home make sure to run the system to see that it is accurately watering every area of your landscaping. The best sprinklers water at lower heights for less evaporation and get into every area of the landscaping.

Consider the use of a soaker hose

A soaker hose can be very helpful to help conserve water during fairly high temperatures. It helps to get the water exactly where it needs to go without needing to water for long periods of time. A soaker hose can be very helpful to save on water bills but also be the best tool during times of water restrictions. The great thing is that a soaker hose is readily available by searching them on the Internet and just purchasing one. 

Set your lawnmower higher

Shorter grass may look more appealing but mowing too short can be a big mistake during the high heat of summer. Short grass will have a harder time surviving high temperatures and it can make watering more difficult as well. Having just a bit longer grass length will help the grass to absorb water more easily, especially at times when you are limited in how often you can water your landscaping at your Granbury home.

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