Tips to Save Money on Spring Home Renovations

Tips to Save Money on Spring Home RenovationsSpring is often a time when Granbury homeowners become motivated to get their houses in shape. For a majority of homeowners, this starts with spring cleaning and for some, it can move into making improvements or remodeling their homes. Many homeowners choose to make improvements to their homes not only for the purpose of making their home work better for them but also to help boost their home's value should they decide to sell one day. 

The Average Cost of Home Renovations 

According to recent data from across the United States, the average home renovation cost was around $48,264. A majority of home improvement projects cost between $17,709 and $78,971. The average renovation cost per square foot can cost between $10 and $60. In some cases, renovations were found to cost as much as $150 per square foot. But there are some ways that you can save money so that you don't go broke trying to fix up your Granbury home. 

Here are some tips for saving money on making improvements to your Granbury home this spring

Give priority to renovations that increase efficiency

Instead of increasing the size of your home or upgrading the finished materials to something more expensive a better budget-friendly focus is making your current space work better for your daily life. Opting to put more organizational systems into your existing cabinetry in your kitchen is a great way to improve the space. This can go a long way in making your kitchen the favorite room in the house and costs a lot less than marble countertops. Using the space you have in a more efficient and productive way is a great way to turn in space into something you love and is also seen as a plus to a future buyer.

Opt for salvaged and recycled materials

Instead of purchasing everything brand new, you may find something really cool and unique that you can breathe new life into at a salvage yard. Using recycled materials for the finishes in your renovation project can save you anywhere from 50 to 70% on the cost of these items. Some Granbury homeowners have even been able to build an entire deck out of repurposed recycled materials. There are many different items that are sent to salvage yards pulled out of homes from kitchen sinks to recycled tiles.

Great places to find recycled materials can include social media marketplaces, Habitat for Humanity Restore, searching local listings for salvage stores, and Planet Reuse. 

Consider How Items will Hold Value and Their Cost to Maintain

Though you are looking to save money on your home renovation costs, try not to cut too many corners by purchasing extremely cheap materials with poor quality. You want to have balance in the products you choose to put into your home. You want them to last and stand up to wear and tear, but you also want them to be easy to take care of and not cost an arm and a leg to keep in good working condition. Picking items that are on the higher quality end of the mid-range price is a great way to go. These items have also been shown to have the best return on investment when reselling a home. 

Consider What Will Appeal to Buyers

If you have plans to sell your home at some point with these renovations in place it is good to think about how a future buyer might view your renovation choices. Make style choices that will appeal to buyers in the future. Instead of choosing the fun tile with the sparkles in it, think of how a future buyer might take to your renovations. 

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