Tips to Modernize an Outdated Kitchen in a Granbury Home

Tips to Modernize an Outdated Kitchen in a Granbury HomeAny Granbury homebuyer can agree walking into a home they are interested in to discover an outdated kitchen is a bit offputting. This immediately communicates there are two options: move onto the next home with a kitchen more suited to you or spend some money fixing it up. Whether you are trying to sell your Granbury home for the best price possible, are considering fixing up a kitchen after purchase, or would just like to refresh your tired kitchen here are some ways you can do so'

Tips for updating an outdated kitchen in Granbury home

Start with fixtures

If you don't have a huge budget but would like to make a big style update impact in your kitchen you'll be surprised at what changing out the metal fixtures in your kitchen can do. This can include cabinet handles and drawer pulls as well as lighting fixtures and faucets.

Switching out old metal finishes for new ones makes a big impact on bringing a kitchen into the current decade. The newest metal finish trend for the kitchen is an unfinished look which gives a sort of gray patina.

Newer appliances

A kitchen with extremely old appliances is an instant turn-off and can be an eyesore. We can all agree that if we walked into a home with a 70s avocado green appliance kit we would want to run in the other direction. One of the best investments you can make in your kitchen is to purchase energy-efficient and up-to-date appliances.

Switch out the countertops

Countertops are highly important to the function of a kitchen as they are the most utilized surface in the kitchen. Making a switch from germ-retaining tile and grout to a solid surface is a smart choice. Switching out cheap formica that is sensitive to heat and staining for a heat-resistant solid surface goes a long way. Especially for families with children. The countertop not only is most utilized but also takes up a lot of visual space in the kitchen so switching it out and updating it could give your kitchen a whole new look.


Painting is relatively low cost and can make a huge style impact in any room. Simply painting the walls or even painting the cabinetry can give your kitchen a completely new look. You may not even recognize the space when you are done. It is important to make sure that you know how to paint cabinetry before taking on this task because it is different from grabbing some paint and a brush and putting it on a wall. There are different preparatory measures to take when painting cabinets as compared to painting a wall. You want to make sure you're grabbing the proper paint and tools and using the right technique so that it turns out to look the way you expect.


The largest surface in a kitchen is the floor. Switching the flooring for something of higher quality that is neutral and works with various styles will not only be a welcome upgrade for now it will be a welcome upgrade for years to come. Choosing a neutral color tile for example could last for the rest of your lifetime and work with several different style updates. Choosing something neutral and classic and a material that is quality and long-lasting is worth the extra investment. You'll find that your flooring not only looks great and works with trends as they change but also does the job in the kitchen you need it to do.

A kitchen is a very important space in a Granbury home and making sure that it looks classic and up-to-date is a good investment choice for both home buyers and home sellers. If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in Granbury I can help. Contact me anytime for any Granbury real estate needs.

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