Tips to De-Winterize Your Granbury Home

Tips to De-Winterize Your Granbury HomeSpring has officially sprung and now is the time to get that winter crust off your Granbury home. Time to freshen up and prepare for happy sunshiny days ahead. Routine maintenance is important to keep your home operating at peak condition and help it retain top fair market value. Use these de-winterizing tips to get your home back on track after a bout of cold weather.

Tips to De-Winterize Your Granbury Home

Change Filters

Spring is a great time to change out all the filters in everything in your Granbury home. It has been found that a majority of homeowners do not change filters on home fixtures as often as they should. Check the filters in your HVAC system, range hood, and water filtration systems. Make sure to clean vents and other air flow systems including your bathroom fans, dryer vents, air intake grates, heating vents, etc. All of these areas should be clean to run efficiently and safely and prevent fire. Don't forget about the vents in attics and crawlspaces either, these are important too. 

If your HVAC unit has not had a professional service now is a great time to have an inspection and cleaning performed. 

The Roof

Start from the ground. Go outside and look up at your house. Your roof is probably pretty dirty after stormy months. If you have the proper equipment (otherwise call a professional) check the roof from up top for damaged shingles and any other damage that should be addressed before small problems become big ones. Now is a good time to remove debris like leaves, branches, moss, etc.

The Gutters

While you are looking at the roof area make sure to check out the gutters. Start by giving them a good cleaning and once they are clean look for any damage. You don't want the gutter to overflow or leak this can cause damage to your roof and other areas of the home. An overfull gutter can detach from your home and require full replacement. 

Window and Door Seals

Making sure that the seals around windows and exterior doors are airtight is incredibly important. Not only to the function of the windows and doors but also the comfort of the climate inside your home and the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Making sure seals are airtight can save you a significant chunk of money on heating and cooling your home. 

Look Around the Exterior of Your Home

Check your home's exterior for cleanliness and damage. Take a look at the siding, railings, brickwork, and other decorative details. decks, patios. the driveway, your garage door, outbuildings, etc. Now that the weather is better you can get outside and make small repairs to anything before it becomes a need for a big repair. 

The spring is a great time for pressure washing to remove any built-up dirt grime, moss, mold, mildew, etc. Once areas are clean you can see if boards need to be replaced in porches or decks, if siding needs to be painted, and if cracking brick/stone/cement needs attention. 

De-Winterize the Pool

 If you have a pool at your Granbury home now is the time to get it ready for regular use again. Now is the time to check the pool filter, clean the pool walls, check the water balance, remove debris, and test all the pool equipment. You want to ensure that everything is efficiently running and the water is balanced before anyone takes a dip.

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