Tips for Reducing Outside Noise Inside Your Granbury Home

Granbury Texas is a small town compared to the large metro areas of Tips for Reducing Outside Noise Inside Your Granbury HomeDallas and Fort Worth and as such is not necessarily bustling with crowded areas and noise. But if you live on the lake, especially during the spring and summer, you may have noticed an increase in noise from the lake inside your home. 

Lake Granbury is very beloved and popular. Some areas may see more activities than others. If you are shopping for a lake home you may wonder what areas of the lake are quieter than others (or vice versa if you are someone who loves to be in the center of activity most of the time). An increase in noise inside your lake home may not be highly welcome. But the good news is there are some things you can do to decrease the noise inside your home whether you live on the lake or just have very lively neighbors. 

Tips for Reducing Outside Noise Inside Your Home

Furniture and Furniture Placement

Having strategic furniture placings and furnishings in your home actually can significantly help with inside noise. Noise carries and travels much in the same way that liquid does. It flows. Noise/sound can flow or travel through gaps and cracks. When noise runs into an obstacle it will travel in a different direction. 

Have you ever been in an empty room and a sound is made? The room has a sort of amplified echo to it. A room full of belongings absorbs the sound. Using soft furnishing including rugs, upholstered furniture, and other textiles including bedding will help to absorb sound. 

Items like heavy curtains hung around windows where most of the noise comes from. Placing a bookshelves on a wall that faces the lake. Setting a nice comfy upholstered chair near the lake wall. Adding a rug. These are all items that will help reduce noise. 

Solid Doors are Not Just for Safety

Not all exterior home doors are made of solid material. Many of them are actually hollow. But you can get higher quality solid doors. These are great for several reasons and one of them is it helps to reduce outside noise. They also provide more security and help to control a comfortable indoor temperature. 

Making sure you have a door made with a solid core and is sealed properly around the edges with help significantly to keep sound from entering your home. 


In the same way, furniture can absorb or block sound so can certain landscaping elements. It can be tricky to use landscaping to absorb sound at a lake home, however. You want to make sure you are within zoning codes, not obstructing views (yours or the neighbors), and not planting anything that might be harmful to the lake environment. 

With a little bit of study on what plants do well in your area using smartly placed trees and shrubs can be helpful to reduce noise in your yard and in your home. 

Installing features that mask noise is also helpful, such as a waterfall or fountain. 


If you have an older home upgrading windows to double-pane glass just became even more beneficial. A double-pane window that is Energy Star rated is great for reducing energy costs in your home. It is also highly beneficial for noise reduction.


This can be a costly way to reduce noise, but also one of the most effective. Adding more insulation to the attic/roofline and the floor of your home will help to absorb a lot of exterior noise. This does come at a significant investment cost, however. But this too can also help to reduce those energy bills. 

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