The Impact Your Front Door Has on Curb Appeal

The Impact Your Front Door Has on Curb AppealIf you are preparing to sell your Granbury home, curb appeal has a huge impact on the success of your home sale. The first impression of the home from the outside is a key deciding factor for a majority of home buyers as to whether they want to look at the inside of the home and continue their shopping journey or move on to the next available Granbury listing. 

The front door of your home is like the focal point of its curb appeal. When buyers see a home's curb appeal and decide to look at the home in person, the way the front door welcomes them can help to set the tone for their mood and thoughts when they walk through the rest of the home. 

A front door plays a large role in the overall look and feel of the home's exterior as well as the feeling people get when they visit your home. It is important to make a welcoming statement with your front door to boost the home's curb appeal. 

Here is How to Make Your Front Door the Crowning Glory of Your Granbury Home

Fresh Paint or Stain

The best way to make your door show its best is with a fresh covering. If you have a wood door it is best to paint it every five years. If you have a stain or varnish on a wood door it will need more frequent freshening. 

If you have a metal door ( seen as an asset to buyers because of durability and safety) you want to make sure the paint is not peeling or chipping especially where the door meets the jam or at the bottom. 

What is the best color for a door? It depends upon the overall design aesthetic of your home's exterior and the paint color of your home. It is best to go with a contrasting color but not one that screams, "HEY LOOK AT ME!" and commands all of the focus and attention of the front of your home. 

The Handles and Locks are Important

It may not seem like a big deal, but if the handle on the door is loose or the door is hard to open or close this is a bit of a turn-off. The look of your front door handle is also important in the overall look of the door. It may not be seen from the street but it will be seen upon walking up to the door and it can set a style statement for your door. You want to make sure that it is sturdy and looks great as well.

The doorbell

You want to make sure that the doorbell is functioning well because many buyers will test it when they come to look at the home. And a doorbell that has a fun chime is always a plus. Then of course there is the added security of a video doorbell that can also be seen as a bonus feature to buyers. The great thing is that installing a new doorbell that works properly is fairly easy.

The trim

Make sure to check out the trim/casing around your front door as well. It is very important that it looks freshly painted and intact. If you do all the work to update your door but the casing looks tired then it will stick out like a sore thumb. You also want to make sure if there are any windows around your front door that they are clean and the trim is also in good condition on them.

The area around the door

The door is a focal point so the area around the door will also receive a lot of attention. It is a good idea to bring some stylish and welcoming elements to your front porch area. You want to make sure that the front porch is swept and very clean including the light fixtures free of cobwebs with brand new bulbs. It is a good idea to make sure that if your house numbers are next to your front door they are easily read from the curb and work well with the design of your home. Finally, it is a good idea to bring in some plants and a fresh welcome mat to finish off the look of your front door/porch.

The fresher your home looks the more intriguing it will be to buyers. The most important space to make sure it looks fresh and clean and well taken care of is the exterior so that buyers will want to take a further look inside.

For more information on getting your Granbury home ready to sell please contact us anytime. We are happy to help you by walking through your home and going over little adjustments that can make a world of difference in a home sale.

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