The City of Granbury is Home to the Nutt House Hotel

The City of Granbury is Home to the Nutt House HotelThe town of Granbury Texas is full of fun and whimsical history including the Nutt House Hotel. This hotel is currently under renovation but it is a fun lodging option in the center of Granbury.

The hotel was built in 1893 and is located in historic downtown Granbury Square. Staying here is like taking a step back into another time as you pass through the doors of the authentic limestone building. It is full of tasteful and historic decor and it's conveniently located right in the center of all of the commerce of historic Granbury Square.

Prior to renovations, the Nutt Hotel offered a series of seven suites with their own en-suite bathroom. Each suite was named after a notable historical figure of local Granbury history and was also decorated in a tasteful manner to reflect the hotel's historical past and give a nod to the person for which it was named.

The history of the historic Nutt House Hotel in Granbury

The land on which the Nutt House Hotel currently sits on was the actual site of the Nutt Brothers' original mercantile store that was opened in 1874. The Nutt brothers were blind from childhood and began their store with humble materials.

The first store was originally operated out of a tent and later it was constructed into a log building. The store was finally upgraded into the beautiful limestone building that is still standing today.

The fun and interesting part of the hotel's beginnings occurred with an informal and almost accidental action by David Nutt. In 1879 David and Sudie built a home several blocks from where the mercantile store was located. As they operated at the store they used their personal home as a sort of informal hotel to host businessmen who visited the town of Granbury.

The name Nutt House Hotel came from a reference to David and Sudie Nutt's original home. It became an unofficial bed-and-breakfast that continued for several years and they decided to formalize it into a hotel operation. They then relocated their official hotel to the second floor above their mercantile in the limestone building that stands today.

Today's Nutt House Hotel

The building as it is today was built in 1893 through the joint effort of the three Nutt brothers Jacob, Jesse, and David. The Nutt House Hotel began its first operations as an official hotel in 1910 above the mercantile store. This hotel was very luxurious for its time with 10 suites and two communal bathrooms. The hotel was considered opulent and the bathrooms spa-like.

The hotel also featured a luxurious guest sitting room and a grand staircase as well as several other luxury features that brought people in to stay. Today the Nutt House is solely a hotel and still carries the limestone rock façade made of material local to the Granbury area. It is a beloved Texas landmark.

Some say the Nutt House has a haunted history

With time the Nutt House was famous for the Homestyle restaurant operated by Mary Lou. Mary Lou Watkins was one of the Nutt House owners' great-granddaughters. She was the granddaughter of David Nutt.

Mary Lou ran a popular restaurant from the hotel and it was said to be the most popular restaurant in the community. Today a commemorative statue of Mary Lou Watkins is in place near the Nutt House Hotel in Granbury Square. There are many legends and tales that say the spirit of Mary Lou Watkins continues to live at the Nutt House Hotel.

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