Simple Fixes for Your Granbury Home that Cost Around $50

Simple Fixes for Your Granbury Home that Cost Around $50Selling a home in Granbury is a perfect opportunity to tackle those small DIY projects that have been sitting on your to-do list and you just haven't had time to pay attention to. You may be thinking "If I am selling my house why would I go around worrying about my to-do list for somebody else to enjoy the work? "The answer is it will help you to get the best offer possible on your home.

The good news is there are some tasks that often get put off till later in our homes that are great to pay attention to before listing it for sale and they can be tackled in just a few minutes a day with a budget of $50 or less. These are no pedley fixes they are small but impactful improvements that will go the extra mile when you open your home for potential Granbury buyers to see it in person.

Touching Up Paint

You may have heard before that you need to completely overhaul and repaint your entire home so that it is ready to sell. While this is the best option, it is not the only option for sprucing up the paint in your home. If you have neutral paint on your walls already a simple fixing of scuffs and chipping can breathe new life into the space. Go around your home and look for these areas, especially in high-traffic spots, like a hallway, and grab some paint in the color that is already on your walls and patch those spots.

If you have any areas where there are holes in the wall that need patching make sure that you take this time to also patch those areas with some light spackling. Make sure to sand down your patch to create a smooth transition from your wall to the new patch.

Tighten Doorknobs

A loose doorknob might seem like it would go unnoticed but many articles have been written on the importance of the condition of your doors when listing your home for sale. A loose doorknob instantly communicates that easy fixes go uncared for and leads a home buyer to wonder what else could be in disarray. Sometimes this fix is completely free with the use of a screwdriver. In some cases, your door knob may need updating because it is beyond repair. Purchasing a new door knob allows you to give a space a mini makeover.

Freshen Up Those Switch Plates

Switch plates are the things that cover the holes in the wall around your light switches and plugs. Switch plates that are dingy or tired or cracked or yellowing can make your home feel like it is old and tired. The good news is that this is a very simple fix that costs very little to remedy. If you know how to use a screwdriver you can very easily grab new switch plates in the needed size and make this area of your home feel fresh and brand new.


Another thing we don't often think about when selling our home is making sure that all of the lightbulbs are fresh and working in every light fixture. Lighting is extremely important to showcase your Granbury home and making sure that every light is working and helping to brighten the space is important.

Running Toilet

A toilet that is constantly making noise is going to be an instant concern. Especially since this fixture is in the bathroom one of the most scrutinized areas of a home because they are high on the importance list to a home buyer. Fixing a running toilet seems like it is beyond your scope of repair but many times what is causing the toilet to run takes a minor adjustment.

Caulk in the Bathroom

It is not uncommon for the caulk lines in your shower or shower tub combo to become dirty and dingy. The great thing is that replacing caulk lines is something very easy and quick as well as cheap. It's a matter of simply scraping out the old and replacing it with new.

If you are getting ready to sell your Granbury home and would like a consultation on what you can do to get it in its best condition to welcome buyers and get the best offer possible contact me anytime. I am here to help you sell your Granbury home for the best price in a shorter timeframe. Contact me anytime for any Granbury real estate needs.

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