Should You White-box Your Granbury Home to Sell It?

Should You White-box Your Granbury Home to Sell It?When getting a home ready to be sold there are many things a Granbury homeowner can do to help buyers see all the great features in the home and receive a better offer in a shorter timeframe. 

But as time rolls on trends and desires change. This is true of what buyers are looking for in homes. So sometimes a method of getting a home ready to sell needs to be tweaked a little bit. Some methods of prepping your home are tried and true and won't change, but others may need slight adjustments to keep up with what buyers are looking for. 

For many years a general rule of thumb to get a home ready to sell was to white box it. 

What is White Boxing?

White boxing is a term used to describe the practice of painting everything on the interior of a home white, from the ceiling to the baseboard of the wall. Everything, even cabinets, shelves, and the ceilings. 

The thought is to create a clean slate where anything is possible in a buyer's mind. Not creating a style one way or the other so that a buyer can see themselves transforming the space into what they are looking for and dreaming of in a home and help take them from looking to making an offer. 

How White Boxing is Beneficial

White Boxing might not be best suited for showcasing all homes in today's current real estate market with increasingly demanding and discerning buyers. It can still be useful in some scenarios. The color white involves moods of fresh and new. This can be highly beneficial in a home that is older or one that lacks architectural elements of interest and charm. White can make small or dark spaces feel bright and more spacious.

Jenny Robeson of The Dave Hooke Team real estate shares this in a blog post:

"White is proved as a shade of a clean blank canvas to almost everyone. It is the expected color and in all actuality the presence of every single color when going back to Newton's color theory. It is neutral and seen as a basic starting point for almost everyone. After all, paper is white so when we create artwork in school we always think of a blank canvas as being white. This allows a buyer to see a home as something they can change and make their own."

Reasons to Not White Box Everything

The best strategy for selling your Granibury home is to know what buyers are looking for. Just like a shoe company makes sure to present a shoe that the masses are searching for, a home seller needs to present their home in what a majority of buyers are searching for. 

Currently, buyers are becoming more discriminating in their preference for a turnkey home. They want a property that is as truly turnkey as possible. One where all they have to do is bring their belongings in and set up home. Many buyers have a mindset that if they are spending a large chunk of their savings and signing a commitment to a 30-year loan, they don't want to do any bit of work when moving in. 

It is best to understand the style story your home is telling and make this come through in your presentation of the home. Today's buyer is not just looking for a home to be in great condition but to come through with charm and style that is ready to move right into. 

The best strategy for choosing how to best showcase your home and all of its best attributes; to create a space that communicates all a buyer needs to do is bring their stuff and start enjoying their next dream lifestyle, is to work with an expert local real estate agent. They make it their job to know the market They can walk through your current home with you and help you to discover a great plan for making small adjustments to highlight what is great about your home and get it sold. 

If you are planning to sell your home in Granbury and are hoping to get it sold quickly and for the best price possible, I am here to help. Contact me any time for the best service and commitment to you. Let's get your Granbury home sold successfully. Contact me with any Granbury real estate needs, both buying and selling homes. 

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