Should You Purchase a One or Two-Story Home in Granbury?

If you know you need to purchase your next Granbury homeShould You Purchase a One or Two-Story Home in Granbury? but aren't quite sure exactly what you want that home to look like, it is always a good idea to sit down and discover what you need and want your next home to look like. It helps give you a launching point and steer you in the right direction while eliminating several hours of wasted time looking at homes you hate. 

What about choosing between a one or two-story home? Unless you need to stay on one level, there is no ultimate need to have one type of home over the other. So what should you choose? Here are some pros and cons of purchasing each type of home floorplan to help you decide what you would prefer for your next Granbury home. 

Donald Payne of Vision Realty shares this on his Columbus real estate blog:

"Some home buyers feel that a single-family home is the ultimate American dream of homeownership. But each style of purchasable home comes with its own benefits and perks. Deciding on what type of home you should buy really depends on your preferences and the factors of living in each type".

Single Story Homes

Cost Per Square Foot

Not many people realize this, but the cost per square foot of a single-story home is often higher as compared to two-story homes with the same square footage. This is because a single-story home takes a larger overall footprint on the land. A two-story home can be built on a much smaller lot and on a smaller foundation. These keep building costs down, and this translates to the cost of the home. Single-family homes cost more to build and come at a higher price per square foot which sticks with the home. Single-story homes can come at a bit of a higher cost. 

Architectural Interest

Some say that single-story homes lack architectural interest as compared to multi-level homes. When you look at single-level homes from the outside this can be true. Most often,  two-story and larger homes have the ability to build something more architecturally interesting which lends to a greater curb appeal. 

Ease of Aging In Place

Single-level homes give a guarantee of being able to age in place in the home. As we age we can take on mobility issues. Not every person does but it is highly common. A single-story home offers the easiest atmosphere for taking on the possibility of having mobility difficulties as you age. This is a big reason why single-story homes are desirable.

Easier Emergency Evacuation

Should there be an unforeseen reason that you need to get out of the home in an emergency and get out fast, exiting a single-family home is much easier. Being trapped on an upper level and cut off from traditional exits is more complicated when you are not on the ground level. 

Good Selling Point

Single-story homes are always higher in demand. Mostly for the reason of having a forever home. A single-story home will always be highly desirable to a certain homebuying demographic. It holds a bit of great resale value. 

Two-Story Homes

More Exercise

Going up and down the stairs is great exercise. Sometimes this may not seem like a great perk when you have been through a long tiring day, but climbing stairs is good for your heart, your legs, and your backside. 

Compartmentalized Belongings

Having two different floor levels gives a bit of separation between rooms. This means more separation between shared spaces and individual spaces. It makes it just a bit easier to take some time and relax in your own room. It can make it easier to keep toys regulated to one floor and not let them spill out into common areas where you scramble to clean up before someone stops by. 

Fresh Air at Night with Safety

If you are someone who loves to open up the windows and let fresh air flow through (which is highly beneficial to health and airflow every home should open windows on opposite ends of every floor for at least half an hour a day) you can do so with more security on the second level of a home. Those stuffy summer nights just got a lot more comfortable for sleeping on the second story of your home. 

Stairs can be a Hazard

There are benefits and architectural interest to stairs, but they can also be hazardous. The biggest hazard is falling. Whether it is a toddling little one, a quick-moving teenager, a mom with a load of laundry not able to see the next step or an older person with mobility challenges. Stairs can cause injuries and should be used with caution. 

Exterior Maintenance Gets Tricky

Taking care of the roof or painting the second story outside of the home, washing windows, repaing siding, etc. It is all made harder and less safe with elevation. It can be a lot more tricky and there are more safety concerns when climbing up on a ladder to make repairs or maintain things on the second level on the outside of a house. 

No matter what type of home you are searching for in Granbury, I am here to help you find it. Contact me any time with any Granbury real estate needs, for both buying and selling homes. 

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