Should You Decorate Your Granbury Home Based on Your Mood?

Should You Decorate Your Granbury Home Based on Your Mood?There is a new trend in home decor lately. Minimalism will always have a place, and choosing neutral colors is always smart (especially when trying to sell a home). There is a new home decor trend that is making waves. It's based totally on evoking a feeling of happiness in your home with your decor. It's known as Dopamine Decor. 

What is Dopamine Decor?

Pinterest explains the Dopamine Decor Trend in the Pinterest Summer 2024 Trend Report as a way of using eclectic vintage items in a home that tell a story and evoke memories and warm feelings. It adds some charm and pops of color. It is saying goodbye to the long popular hues of gray and beige that have been so minimalist popular and brings in items that bring life and mean something special to the homeowner. All centered around feelings of happiness and good vibes. Because if you are going to spend time in your home it should make you happy. 

How Do You Dopamine Decorate Without Chaos?

Using Color

Color brings feelings. It has been proven in many different studies. Jenny Robeson of The Dave Hooke Team real estate in central Pennsylvania shares this in a blog post:

"There are varying different aspects of studying color and how it impacts our moods and perceptions of things................. Studies have shown that color can invoke several different things in human beings, especially emotion. Sometimes we use color to describe feelings like black-and-white to convey something as clear as day or green with envy. Color really does play a much bigger role than we often realize. For example, seeing a lush green forest makes us feel calm and relaxed while seeing a brown desert-like atmosphere can make us feel tired."

More homeowners are using a collection of brighter and favorite colors to bring a sense of energy to a room. To invoke their favorite feelings and put them in a better mood when they enter a room. The key to using color is to choose a small collection that complements each other and tells a color story. You want to have an overall theme that comes through with the colors you choose. Choosing too many creates chaos for the eye, makes a room feel like a mess, and stresses out the eyes instead of picking up the mood. 


There used to be a very popular expert interior design theory that too much is too much. With dopamine decor, this theory is out the window. It is bringing back what your grandmother or great-grandmother once loved. Collecting items that they loved and putting them on display. This is the idea of having several different knick-knacks in bundles displayed on tables and shelves. Clutter is cool again as long as you are displaying things that mean something and make you happy. There is a way to do this so that it doesn't just look like you are hoarding odd items. Like picking a bookshelf and limiting your display to just a few small intentional spaces on the shelf. OR choosing items that are of the same color scheme. 

Bold Prints

If you are looking for a way to try out the dopamine thing without going all out crazy and turning your room into Ripley's Believe it or Not, try a bold print you love and use it as a launching point to pull colors and a theme from. Start with a great lampshade or a very bold wallpaper pasted on an accent wall or the back of a bookshelf. Draw your color story and mood from this print that draws you in. Let it launch your dopamine into happiness in your space. 

A Large Collection of Art 

One aspect of the dopamine decor trend that is quickly gaining in popularity is having a collection of art pieces that almost wallpaper a whole wall. In some cases, people are filling every wall in a room with several pieces of art. It's sort of like walking into a Red Robin restaurant. Looking at all the art on the walls gives people something to entertain them and make them smile.

 Dopamine decor can be a great way to turn your Granbury home into a space you truly love and feels comforting and safe. The good thing to keep in mind is that dopamine decor is about your personal preferences. If you plan to sell your home you might want to plan to change the dopamine decor to something neutral so that you do not send potential buyers running to a different home. If you are decorating a space you plan to use for many years to come, go ahead and try the trend. Make your space fit you!

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