Preparing Your Texas Yard for Spring

Preparing Your Texas Yard for SpringAs spring days and warm weather come to North Texas there's more opportunity to get outside and enjoy your outdoor spaces. One of the keys to enjoying your very own outdoor space at your Granbury home is to have a well-maintained yard. As spring is officially here there's a lot to do to get your Garden top shape and ready for enjoying those outdoor spaces. Just like the inside of your home, the outside of your home needs a little spring cleaning. Here are some great ways to get your lawn ready to go to enjoy sunny spring weather outside.

March is a great time to get your yard ready to enjoy. On average the weather in March is around the low 70s with average low temperatures around the 40s. This weather is ideal for preparing your lawn for lush green days ahead. 

Seeding and Fertilizing Your Lawn

Winter brings cold enough weather that a lawn in Granbury can experience significant changes and some challenges. This can include hard freezes, cold and fluctuating temps, falling leaves and debris, and more. In March preparing your lawn to be ready for hearty fertilizing and maybe even seeding is a good game plan. This should include cleaning debris and assessing the condition of your soil before feeding your lawn with fertilizer and seed and then getting ready for routine mowing. 

The first item that should be on every Granbury homeowner's spring landscaping list is cleaning debris. The time requirement this will take depends upon the size of your yard, but also the plants present in your yard. If you have several trees this will most likely mean you have a significant amount of debris to clean up. You want to start with leaves and needles. Look for fallen branches and any other debris. Once the debris is up you can get a good look at the actual condition of the landscape. 

Once the debris is cleared you can begin with any tree trimming and bush trimming that might be needed and then take a look at the soil for your grass. If the soil in your yard is in poor condition the grass will struggle to maintain its health. good soil is key to not only healthy grass but also in preventing weeds. Some landscape professionals advise purchasing a soil test kit from the store which is not expensive. This will help you determine what you need to do to adjust the foundation of your yard so that your grass can thrive. If you spend a lot of time in your yard and actually on the lawn it is a great time to consider aerating. 

Once you are aware of the condition of your soil you can then purchase fertilizer that will help strengthen the weak spots in your soil if there are any. Even if your soil is in great condition it is still a smart idea to make sure you are fertilizing your lawn well to get it the nutrients that it needs. Some may wonder if a yard needs to be seeded even if it is lush. It is a good idea to continue to seed your lawn every year even if it does not seem like you need it to help ensure that your line remains lush and green. If you have bald spots you want to pay special attention to those areas of course.

Lawn Mowing Tips

Once your yard is clean and well fed you may wonder when you need to start with routine mowing. There are some things you want to consider before getting out the lawnmower. You want to avoid the temptation to cut off too much grass in your first lawn mowing. Even if your grass has grown to embarrassing lengths you don't want to risk damaging the grass or setting its growth by cutting too much too soon. Make sure that you set your lawnmower a little bit higher if your grass is especially long for your first mowing.

As for how often you should mow your lawn as the weather turns warmer and your grass grows at a more rapid pace you also want to avoid mowing once a week if you have fertilized and seated your lawn. You want to give this newly fed grass some time to take root and grow before you start with routine mowing. Knowing how often you should mow your lawn is a balance because if you wait too long between cutting this can also be detrimental to your lawn. It really depends on the rate at which your grass is growing. If your grass is growing very rapidly you may need to mow it more than once a week. But you do want to avoid mowing it so that it is incredibly short.

Lawn maintenance is important for every Granbury homeowner to help keep up with curb appeal. Curb appeal is a huge driving factor in the overall value of your property. If you are planning to list your home for sale curb appeal can dramatically help with driving interest to your home and securing an offer.

For more information on Granbury real estate contact me anytime. I am here to help you buy or sell a Granbury home with as little stress as possible. If you are purchasing a Granbury home I am happy to help you find a home that meets your search criteria in a neighborhood that you will love. If you are getting ready to sell your Granbury home I can help you sell it for the best possible price. Contact me anytime with any Granbury real estate needs.

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