Negotiating the Best Deal on a New Home in Granbury with a Builder

Negotiating the Best Deal on a New Home in Granbury with a BuilderBuying a brand new construction home in Granbury comes with pros and cons. The pros of new construction currently are that there are more new homes being built in a wider range of prices and sizes. And that builders are more willing to negotiate with homebuyers to help them make their goals of homeownership come true. 

The best strategy for purchasing a new construction home in Granbury is to have an expert Granbury real estate agent on your side and know what to expect in the buying process for a brand new home. Here are some tips to have in your back pocket when negotiating a home purchase with a home builder. 

Shop Around for Financing

When shopping for homes in new construction neighborhoods, especially ones that are plotted out and planned prior to your arrival in the neighborhood, the builder has a preferred lender or two they hope buyers will choose to work with on their mortgage loan. This can be enticing. Especially right now as mortgage rates are higher than many people consider ideal (because of where they have been in the last decade) and smartly, buyers are looking for ways to get their rates down as much as possible. But even if a builder is advertising they can lower your rate, it is always best to shop around for all of your options. 

Jenny Robeson of The Dave Hooke Team real estate in central PA shared this in a blog:

"The thing to be aware of when a builder offers a mortgage interest rate buy down is that you should still do your homework on what other lenders will offer. A homebuyer should always shop around for a mortgage. Research has found that the average homebuyer takes the first mortgage they are approved for instead of looking into more options. Research has also found that homebuyers who look into at least three different mortgage options save thousands of dollars. And a buyer who asks questions about saving money on fees and costs saves even more. "

Make sure to take a detailed look at everything in the proposed mortgage contract. The lender is working in partnership with the builder to originate more loans to benefit their business and sell homes to benefit the builder. They are working in the best interest of the builder to keep generating business for their company. There are some lenders that will offer homebuyers a great mortgage, you want to make sure it is the best mortgage for your purchase and that the lender will take care of you as a valued client they will be working with for years after the home is finished. 

If you find a better mortgage loan through an outside lender discuss this with the builder and see if they can do anything to make a better offer or match the better offer you found elsewhere. Builders want to sell homes, not keep them on their books, they don't want to lose a sale and have to go back to the start with another buyer. You may find them ready to talk over better loan terms with their partner. 

Know the Incentives/Motivation

This is a good strategy for purchasing all Granbury homes. You always want to learn what the homeowner is about. Why they are selling the property. While this is merely a business transaction getting to know the seller and connecting with them always helps. The biggest focus for the builder is to sell a home at a profit. They may not be willing to budge too much on the price of the home as a company looking to protect their bottom line, but there is wiggle room in other areas. (Trying for a better price is not completely off the table though.)


New construction homes are built with basic "builder grade" finishes as they are referred to by home contractors. These are okay-looking items like countertops and flooring that are not expected to last the test of time. They are low-cost neutral finishes meant to allow the owner to someday choose something a bit nicer. OR they could choose something nicer now for just a bit more money and the builder will install it and have it ready to go for move-in. 

Ask about upgrades without an extra fee. Focus on things that would be major changes that would cost more money if you modified them later. Like a built-in bookshelf or a kitchen floorplan change. Or maybe a landscaping package. Sometimes builders are willing to throw in a small upgrade or change to get a home sold. This is where a real estate agent can help lend their expertise and advice. Make sure to get these agreements in writing before signing any contracts. 

HOA Fees

Many new construction neighborhoods will end up having an HOA to govern the community upkeep standards. This often comes with a monthly dues payment. A cost you could consider asking for help with is HOA dues for the first year. This could save you a significant sum of money in the first year but is small on the grand scale of how much money you are paying to purchase a home. It could be worth the ask. 

A Better Spot

Some lots of land are considered premium lots and are up-charged by the builder. These lots are those that are located on a corner (offering larger yards, more street parking in front of the house), in a cul-de-sac (less traffic and safer for families), or that back to a greenbelt or something else ( extra-private backyard). You might be able to obtain a better-placed lot for the same price as all the other lots when you ask. The builder might not want to budge on the price of the home, but they may not be willing to do something when it comes to the lot price. 

Closing Costs

Another significant cost of purchasing a home is the closing costs. a builder may be more willing to help with the closing costs to seal the deal on a home sale. Especially right now as buyers are very cautious and weighing all of the aspects of a home purchase with more scrutiny than they were just a few years ago. 

If you are considering purchasing a new construction home in Granbury and the surrounding areas of Hood County, I am here to help. I am ready to negotiate expertly on your behalf with builders who are prepared to negotiate but sometimes put on the persona that they do not want to. Let's get started on finding a Granbury home you will love for many years to come. Contact me any time with any Granbury real estate needs. 

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