Maintaining a Granbury Home Within HOA Guidelines

Maintaining a Granbury Home Within HOA GuidelinesThere are many great communities in Granbury that are governed by homeowner associations (HOA). Before you purchase a home in an HOA community it is good to know what the culture is like and what is expected of homeowners. This will help a Granbury homebuyer determine if living under the expectations of an HOA is right for them.

 One of the most important aspects of homes in HOA communities is adhering to the guidelines put in place by the HOA. These guidelines are set to help retain a quality of living and in turn, retain a higher property value for all homes in the community. Some of the information about living in an HOA is widely known and some is not so widely known. Each HOA will have its own set of rules and expectations. In general, there are some good things to know and expect from HOA requirements. One of them is a higher standard on the exterior upkeep of a home. 

One of the ways that an HOA ensures homes and the community continue to command a higher property value is with a standard of upkeep for all homeowners. This means homes in HOA communities are expected to maintain a level of curb appeal and neat appearance on the exterior of their home and in the landscaping. 

Know the Specific Guidelines

The first step in realizing what is expected from homeowners for maintaining their property in a community is to be aware of all of the CC&Rs for the community. This stands for covenants, conditions, and restrictions. These are rules that a homeowner agrees to upon signing their purchase contract paperwork. It is a guideline of what every property owner is responsible for as a member of the community. This is the spot to get an official written look at what you are expected to do in the exterior maintenance of your home. 

Take a good look at all of these guidelines, you should be given a copy of them when you make an offer on the home. If you did not receive one or were not given information about accessing them online it is good to ask your real estate agent to get you a copy. Reading through these BEFORE making a home purchase is important. Pay special attention to phrases that include exterior modifications, landscaping, parking, etc. 

Talk with the HOA

If you are planning to make changes to the exterior of the home after purchasing it and are not sure if it would be allowed or what it would take to get permission (and if it would be possible to get permission). Or if you are unsure about a guideline or have questions that you need clarified, talk with an HOA representative. Part of their job is to help property owners understand the guidelines and ensure they are being upheld. This can also help you to get a feel for who is in charge to ensure that these people are pleasant to work with. Some HOA board members can get a little power-hungry and not be the most easy to deal with. This will help give you insight into how pleasant it is to work with the HOA in the community. 

Now if There are Approved Vendors

Some HOAs insist that homeowners only work with approved vendors when having work performed on the exterior of their home, even if it is something simple like lawn maintenance. This helps to ensure that work is done to a quality standard in line with expectations of keeping up appearances of properties. It is good to know if homeowners are expected to use certain services for the upkeep of their homes and how much they could expect to pay for those services. 

Get Involved

If you go ahead and purchase a home in an amazing Granbury community with an HOA it is always wise to be involved with the HOA by attending meetings and reading all notices sent out. The HOA is there to work for the good of all homeowners together. This means that HOAs are required to hold meetings where property owners can attend and learn what is going on with the association and if any changes are being proposed to anything like the operation and care of common areas or the rules and restrictions that property owners are held to. This not only gives you insight into what is going on but allows you to make your voice and opinion heard so that you and your neighbors can work together to keep a great community atmosphere through working together. 

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