Looking for a Local Coffee Bar in Granbury? Try OZ Coffee Bar

When you are relocating to a new place you want to learn as much about it as possible. One of the most popular or common things to search for someone relocating to Granbury is the best coffee shops in the area. If you are someone who prefers a unique local coffee bar to a chain coffee café then we suggest trying Oz Coffee Bar in Granbury Square.

What is Granbury Square?

Looking for a Local Coffee Bar in Granbury? Try OZ Coffee BarGranbury Square, or historic Granbury Square is the charming original downtown center of Granbury Texas. It is a place to enjoy local shops housed in the first buildings of the city. The square is where a lot of the local activity happens in Granbury. It is a collection of local restaurants and shops as well as home to several local festivals and events.

Some may call it the heart of Granbury and it is a great place to take in the culture of this charming town that is so beloved in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

OZ Coffee Bar on the Square

Now back to the local coffee bar on the Square in Granbury. OZ Coffee Bar offers much more than just a place to walk in, order a coffee, and walk back out. The Oz Coffee Bar is a place to sit and relax and enjoy much more than just an artistically made cup of coffee

The name Oz is for the theme of the coffee bar after the movie The Wizard of Oz. You will find a menu centered around characters and other elements from this beloved story. It is a bit quirky but it is fitting with the small-town charm and history that Granbury offers. Walk in and find a uniquely decorated space that includes comfortable furniture and a second-story balcony with outdoor seating. Enjoy and cozy seat inside and bring your book to sit for a spell or people watch. Or climb the stairs to the outdoor seating area and enjoy views of the entire square from high up.

In addition to the house coffee, you can grab a special drink with a fun name like the Tin Man or the Scarecrow. But there's more than just coffee to enjoy you could try out a glass of wine or maybe a cocktail later in the day. In addition to the drink menu is an amazing food menu that will have you sticking around and enjoying the atmosphere just a little longer.

Their most popular food menu item is the Wicked BLT which features a jalapeño cheddar bagel with habanero strawberry jam, arugula, Sriracha aïoli, and thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and topped off with goat cheese. In addition to this signature popular sandwich is a collection of salads and charcuterie as well as some dessert items like pastries, cookies, and cheesecake. 

So if you are looking for an experience that you can only find in Granbury to get your morning jolt or to enjoy a cozy atmosphere after a long day try the Oz Coffee Bar in Granbury Square.

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