Looking for a Lake Granbury Home- Three Types of Lake Property

If you are searching for a Lake Granbury home you may have come across the words lake access or lake community in home listings. Typing in the words lake home may bring you to more than just listings of homes in Granbury right on the water. A lake home listing can mean a few different things. Not all lake homes are waterfront homes. When it comes to lake homes there are three main classifications: lakefront, lake access, and lake community. 

Waterfront PropertiesLooking for a Lake Granbury Home- Three Types of Lake Property

This is the type of property most people think of when they hear the words Lake Granbury home. A waterfront property on a lake is most often referred to as lakefront. These properties are right on the shoreline and offer the closest access to the water. These properties are often the most sought-after and popular and as such will come with the highest price tag

Being right on the water with nothing in your way to access the lake is highly desirable for understandable reasons. There are also some things to consider with owning a home right next to the water. This includes a higher level of needed maintenance which will require more commitment and time to keep the property in shape. 

Lake Access Property

Lake Access Property can also sometimes be labeled as a lake view property. These are properties near the water that do not have direct access to the nearby body of water from their yard. Some lake access homes are surprisingly close to the water and still offer amazing lake views sometimes just as amazing as the lakefront homes nearby. 

Lake access homes will offer the ability to access the lake at a specified spot near the home. Sometimes this comes in the form of deeded access meaning the homeowner will always have the ability to access the water at the spot specified in the deed to the home. This is often an easement allotted to all homes near the lake in the community. 

Some Lake Granbury home buyers find lake access homes to be beneficial and a great alternative to an actual waterfront home. Often times lake access homes are listed at a more affordable price point than homes right on the lake. They may not offer as easy access to the water but still have good access for utilizing the lake. 

Lake Community Properties

Many lakes have planned subdivision communities built along the shores. A lake community often offers community lake access to a larger number of homes that are in close proximity to the water but maybe only a handful of the homes have lake views and a very small fraction might be waterfront. 

The lake activities and access are centered around community ownership instead of access by only one homeowner right on the water. Lake community homes are another great way to afford access to the lake on a regular basis without the large price tag of a waterfront property. It also divides up the cost of maintaining the lakefront among many property owners making it more affordable while being able to hire someone to take on the work and time. 

An added plus, lake communities will often have amenities beyond the lake and water access. They may offer sports courts, clubhouses, walking trails, fitness centers, and more. 

If you are interested in finding a lake home in Granbury please contact me. I am highly knowledgeable in lake real estate and can help you with all of the important aspects of purchasing a lake home. I am here to help take the stress out of purchasing a home and am happy to answer any questions about lake homes in Granbury. Contact me anytime about Granbury real estate. 

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