Looking for a Granbury Hangout? Try the Community at Brew Drinkery and Bistro

Looking for a Granbury Hangout? Try the Community at Brew Drinkery and BistroWhen moving to a new location you want to learn as much about it as you can. One of the biggest concerns of moving to a new area is getting to know the people there and finding a new group of people to hang out with. If you are planning a move to Granbury you may be wondering where you can get to know people and get acclimated to the community. The great news is that Granbury is a friendly small community with many opportunities to get involved and get to know people. One of those places is the Brew Drinkery and Bistro. 

What is the Brew Drinkery and Bistro? 

The Brew Drinkery and Bistro or "Brew" as some call it is first recognized as a beer bar located in downtown Granbury with more than 40 beers available on tap. But it is way more than just a pub. The Brew Drinkery and Bistro is focused on its fine craft beer offerings as well as its warm community atmosphere.

Here you will find weekly events including live music, trivia, and comedy nights that bring the community together to hang out for a while. Beyond just offering fun things to do the employees have a focus on treating customers like friends. They get to know your favorite drink, they ask about you and get to know you, they learn who you are and remember you. 

It is a place many Granbury locals have quickly decided is their regular family hang-out. There are more than just 40 rotating craft beers on tap, there is food, specialty coffee, and other regulars in addition to the amazing staff. All of this together fosters a place of comfort and a fun atmosphere that people want to be in. And more and more people in Granbury are joining in. 

The Menu

Beyond the taps, there is something for everyone at the Bistro portion of the Brew Drinkery and Bistro. Grab a bite to eat off of the menu. Enjoy a flatbread pizza or a panini, that's Italian for a fancy warm sandwich. There are assorted pastries to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Or grab a cinnamon roll. If you are looking for something on the lighter side there are a couple of hearty salads. To round out the menu are two unique spring roll offerings that are much more than the standard side you expect from your favorite Chinese takeout. They come in both avocado and shrimp fillings. 

About the Owner

The owner of the Brew Drinkery is Christian Piatt. Christian does not run the Brew Drinkery as merely a business. He carefully curates the beers that are on tap. He makes it a testament to the passion he has for bringing quality beer options to Granbury. He wants the Brew Drinkery to provide a space that is more than just a building but an experience that is unique and comforting. He is happy to provide an opportunity for Granbury residents to try something new and different and of great quality. Products that are carefully crafted and local. 

The Brew Drinkery is a place to try something great or find a new comforting favorite in a place that feels like home and where you can have a great convo with a friend. Whether you just met them or you come in with your favorite people. 

Where is the Brew Drinkery and Bistro?

 You can find the Brew Dinrkery and Bistro in the heart of Granbury's downtown. The exact address is 206 E Pearl St. The Brew Drinkery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and open Wednesday through Saturday from 11:30 am to 11 pm and on Sundays from 11:30 am to 8 pm. 

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