Lakehouse Home Staging- Areas to Focus on to Help Your Lake Granbury Home Shine

Lakehouse Home Staging- Areas to Focus on to Help Your Lake Granbury Home ShineOwning a home on Lake Granbury is more than just having a home in a prime location it is a lifestyle. When selling your Lake Granbury home you want to take advantage of your opportunity to sell that lake lifestyle. It starts with hiring a real estate agent who understands the Lake Granbury lifestyle and continues with staging, marketing, etc. 

Tips for Staging a Lake Granbury Home

When Granbury homebuyers shop for a lake home, the first thing they most often want to see is the property and its proximity to the lake or the lakefront. Then they will take a look at the other aspects of the property. The first focus of staging a lake home should be the outdoor areas showing off the lake. 

Make Sure the Path is Highlighted and Clear

A majority of lake homebuyers wish to see the lake portion of the lake property first. It is the main priority of purchasing the property (unless the home has attributes a potential buyer is looking for and it just happens to be on the lake.) Making sure that the path that leads to the water is well-groomed and easy to use is important. It is the first thing several buyers will see. 

Safety Near the Water is a Priority

If you live right on the water, or have areas of the property that have the potential to be dangerous like an overlook, make sure every area of the property is safe. Make sure docks are steady and shoreline walls are sturdy. Consider roping off a floating dock to be extra careful potential buyers don't lose their balance on them. You don't want any accidents when buyers are taking in the beauty of the home's most interesting feature. 

Staging the Lakefront Lifestyle of the Home

When buyers are looking at a home predominately for the fact that it is a lake home, they are not just looking for a building with four walls separating them from the elements in view of the lake, they have already been dreaming about the possibilities of the Lake Granbury lifestyle. 

Stage the outdoor areas around the lake, or in view of the lake, to help buyers imagine themselves enjoying the lake in all of the ways they have thought of and maybe more. Make sure to set up an outdoor living area with furniture, maybe a dining area, maybe a place to gather around a firepit when the nights are chilly after dark. Strategically place a kayak, fishing equipment, float toys, etc. 

Give Some Info on the Lake

 Consider creating a flyer with the help of your agent that tells a little more about the lake to help potential buyers that may not know a lot about Lake Granbury get a feel for the culture of the area. Include the size and depth of the lake, the most popular activities, the type of fish that can be caught, the rules of the lake like the type of watercraft permitted, etc. 

Online Marketing

Nearly every home buyer is going to start looking for lake homes online first. Make sure that your online marketing is highlighting the lake lifestyle of your home as well. It is best to assume that buyers looking online with have no knowledge of living on Lake Granbury. Give them a reason to come see the home in person. 

For more information on selling a home on Lake Granbury for the best price possible please contact us any time. 

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