Key Signs Your Lake Home Could Have Structural Issues

The biggest key to making sure your home is safe to live in is its structural integrity. To be 100% certain of the structural integrity of a home it will require a professional consultation, but there are some obvious structural problem indicators that you can look for on your own. Here are three major indicators to help you know if your lake home is having structural integrity issues.

CracksHere are three major indicators to help you know if your lake home is having structural integrity issues.

No matter where a crack appears whether by the wall, the ceiling, the foundation, the chimney etc., cracks can be a sign of bigger issues, especially if these cracks are accompanied by crumbling. Cracks can indicate structural instability or uneven settling of the home and land and could be the first indicator of a major costly issue down the road.

Not all cracks are something to worry about. However, they should always be checked out once they are seen by you if they are more than a quarter of an inch wide or they begin to grow with time.


Another huge issue for homeowners is water. If you have a leaking roof or leaky pipe somewhere in the home and see puddles in an area like your basement when it rains these issues should be inspected as soon as possible. Recurring water damage is a sign of serious and costly issue and it could also lead to other safety and health concerns such as the possibility of growing mold. Leaky roofs can also become structurally unstable as water slowly wears away at the material supporting the roof if it becomes wet.

Uneven finish items

A large dip or a bulge in a floor or a door that doesn’t shut properly, or windows that don’t sit level in their frames can point to a structural issue in your home. The door and window openings in a home or structural parts of the wall and often areas that have cracks and other problems are first seen around your windows and doors.

What to do if you spot an issue that could be a sign of structural damage

Once you have identified an issue with your home that could be a sign of something larger, it is important to call a professional to get their evaluation as soon as possible before the problem becomes larger and more worrisome. A professional will be able to assess how serious the signs of damage are and how soon any problems will need to be addressed as well as what fixing the issue may cost. Some inspections might require digging into the walls while others might be less invasive. No matter what sign of concern you have, it is always best to ask a professional for advice. Even if the professional tells you it is purely a cosmetic issue that is not taking a toll on your home structure. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The land around a lake is much more susceptible to often change making real estate around lakes more susceptible to structural issues including a high likelihood of issues caused by water damage. It is always a great idea to get a home inspection when purchasing a lake home and to make sure you are aware of any signs of structural damage by checking them on a periodic basis.

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