How to Have Designer Style for Less

Whether you're making some changes to update the look and feel of the spaces in your home, or you're preparing to list your home for sale, there are ways of achieving a designer style while being budget-friendly.

Decorating and having rooms that you can enjoy and be proud of should be fun, not stressful.  With these inexpensive decorating tips for high-end style, you'll be well on your way to giving each room that 'wow' factor.

How to Have Designer Style for Less

Give Your Furniture a Makeover

Don't think you have to replace your furniture to change and update your space.  Slipcovers can be the answer!  Start by browsing through design magazines or visiting a high-end furniture store for inspiration.  Once you have a few ideas, head to your local department store and look at what they have to offer.  This is a super budget-friendly way of making over a room!

How to Have Designer Style for Less

Take Painting to the Next Level

While a new coat of paint will refresh the look of any space, go a step further and get creative.  Decorative painting, like vertical stripes in different hues of the same color family or a horizontal two-tone pattern, can completely update the look.  Give the look of dimension to your walls with the use of textured paint rollers, or try your hand with a fabric roller.

In most cases, your local paint store will have examples and will even give you a quick lesson on achieving the look you're going for.

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How to Have Designer Style for Less

Attention to Accessories

Again, a great place to start when updating the accessories in your space is to browse a few design magazines, look online, or visit a furniture store to see how their stagers have set up a mock living room or bedroom.

You don't have to change out every accessory you have in a room, just a few perfectly placed accents will do the trick!  Choose items that stand out from the primary color scheme of the space, like vases, a collection of frames, or even an accent chair.

Designer trends don't have to be spendy but with a little trick here or there you can create designer spaces that anyone will love.

Having trouble setting up your home for today's buyers? Give us a call! While you may not have to do much, there are some ways to make you home stand out to get the most profit from the sale. Contact us below and let's get started!

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