How to Clean Up Construction Dust After a Remodel

With so much more time at home during pandemic distancing orders, many of us decided to get those much needed (and/or much wanted) home remodeling projects underway.How to Clean Up Construction Dust After a Remodel

If there is anything that can ruin the fun of enjoying a freshly remodeled home, it’s the dust left behind in seemingly every nook and cranny of the home. Dust always seems to find its way around and snuggles into the very deepest recesses of our homes.

Luckily it is fairly simple to get that dust cleaned up with the following construction dust cleaning tips.

Some Helpful Supplies:

  • Face masks
  • A shop vacuum and one or two filters
  • Dust mop with several washable or disposable heads
  • Broom
  • Spray cleaner for dry mopping of your specific hard surface floors
  • Swiffer style mop with removable heads
  • Soft towels
  • Used dryer sheets

If you have a large amount of dust left in your home it is a good idea to wear a disposable face mask while cleaning because the dust can get kicked up into the air.

Start from the Top

This is a good handy trick of the trade for any full room cleaning. Start by cleaning surfaces on the top of the room first so you don’t end up battling gravity over and over again when dust falls to lower surfaces and you end up needing to re-clean them.

You can do this by using the vacuum or several microfiber towels or even just paper towels. Make sure to start in one area of the ceiling and wipe or vacuum in overlapping rows to make sure you don’t miss a spot. Don’t forget to get the top of the window sill and the light fixtures.

Now that the majority of the dry “dusting” is done it is a good idea to go over everything again from top to bottom with a damp cloth. You can use a damp rag with warm soap and water for this process. Make sure to switch out your damp cloth often or rinse it out as to not spread dust around and make more work.

Cleaning the Floors

Cleaning your floors will take a little more care and attention. Each floor should be cleaned according to the type of flooring. A carpeted floor is going to have much more dust trapped in it as the carpet fibers work like a large filter in your home. We would not recommend using your regular carpet vacuum for this task. Use an attachment on a shop vac to get as much of the loose dust as possible. When you are done it is an excellent idea to have carpets professionally deep cleaned to ensure everything is out of the carpet.

For hard surface floors vacuuming or sweeping is the first step to a dust-free floor. You do not want to skip this step to get straight to the mopping as it can cause scratches. Just before mopping run a used dryer sheet along the baseboards to catch all of the dust hanging out there. When as much of the loose dust is gathered as possible, then it is time to mop. Use a “dry” mopping method ( like Swiffer-type method) to mop up the rest of the dust on your hard surface floors being careful only to use a cleaner that is labeled for the particular flooring material.

Change the Air Filter

Once you are all cleaned up it is a good idea to check the air filter on your furnace, it probably needs a fresh filter.

Every home is different but remodels can certainly make a mess. If you're planning on selling your Granbury home, you may or may not need to do some serious remodeling so let us help with that decision. Call us anytime for tips on preparing your home for today's buyers.

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