How Living in a Small Town Like Granbury Can Make a Person Happier

How Living in a Small Town Like Granbury Can Make a Person HappierAs we go through our daily lives we sometimes start dreaming about what changes in our life might make it a little bit more enjoyable.

We dream or ponder how life could be just a little more enjoyable to live. Studies have been conducted about people who tend to be more content, happier even, with their way of life. And it isn't what some of us tend to think, having more money, a larger home, everything at our fingertips, everything to come easy, etc. Sometimes it is a relaxed atmosphere and simplicity that creates an overall atmosphere for a happier lifestyle. Sometimes it is something like living in a smaller town. Check out these reasons people who live in small towns like Granbury tend to be more content in life. 

Purposeful Connection

One of the most important things that humans need is interaction with each other. It is a key element of human development and healthy living. In a small town making purposeful connections with others is a bit easier. It is not always extremely easy, but in a town like Granubry that is small (but not so small that people are guarded) the culture is warm and the opportunities to get involved and interact with neighbors abound. Making connections with other people in the community is more natural to the culture as compared to areas where people are too busy. 

Less Money on Living 

The cost of living comes at a lower price tag in a small town as compared to larger cities. The cost of homes, and other necessities is less. Living in close proximity to all of the modern amenities and a wider variety of things to do comes at a higher cost. This is because the infrastructure and extra community offerings cost more and are paid for through things like taxes etc. There is something nice about the extras that a large city offers, but there is a trade-off. 

Less Sitting In Traffic

Fewer people means fewer cars on the road and fewer cars on the road translates to less traffic. I don't know anyone who prefers to sit in a traffic jam compared to having little to no slow down to get where they need to go. One of the biggest stressors of daily life can be sitting in traffic and using extra time to get where you need to go when you rather spend that time doing something you enjoy. Living in an area where the streets are less traveled means sitting in less traffic. 


Smaller towns have more natural spaces and are closer to large natural expanses. Being in nature just does something for the soul. Research shows that getting out in natural spaces is highly beneficial on many levels. There is something so relaxing about a breathtaking natural scene. Lake Granbury is a popular spot for a reason. The lake just instantly makes people happier. 

Slower Pace of Life

Many times the crazy pace of life can catch up with us and before we know it we are on edge, grumpy, overwhelmed, stressed, frazzled, etc. We begin begging for vacation. In a small town, the pace of life is slower and people create a culture that is less grumpy and more relaxed.  This creates an overall style of living that feels less hectic and more peaceful, a happier atmosphere. 

Granbury is growing but it retains a small-town warmth and charm. It holds a slower pace of life and beautiful natural surroundings. There is a reason it is continuously ranked on best-of lists. Granbury is an ideal small town that is not too small. If you are considering a move to Granbury, I am here to help. I am happy to help you find the perfect home in this charming north Texas town. Contact me any time with any Granbury real estate needs. 

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