How Fast is Granbury Texas Growing?

How Fast is Granbury Texas Growing?Granbury Texas is one of the most popular small towns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Granbury consistently makes best-of lists and has been gaining more and more attention in recent years. When considering a home purchase some people wonder how quickly Granbury is growing to help them gain insight into where the town is heading. 

How Fast is Granbury Texas Growing?

Granbury's Growth in Recent Years

Granbury has grown significantly since 2020 when interest rates dropped and homebuyers came flooding to the market to take advantage of purchasing their dream home at a more affordable price point. 

Between the years 2020 to 2022, the City of Granbury added 1,433 new residents. This was significant growth at a rate of 13.1 percent. The growth from 2020 to 2024 is reported at 24.87%

Population Growth in Granbury Since 2000

When looking back even further you will see that Granbury has been growing at a pretty fast pace. The population of Granbury has increased by 81.2% since the year 2000. Taking into account the population growth of other Texas cities of around the same size, Granbury ranked number three in population growth. 

When comparing population growth to other cities across the country of a similar size, Granbury was at the top of the growth charts. It was number two on the list shared at

Other Interesting Granbury Statistics

  • About 40% of the homes in Granbury were built after the year 2000
  • The population of Granbury as of 2024 is 13,793
  • The median Granbury household income is $68,740 annually
  • The median home value is $255,093

What is it Like to Live in Granbury Texas? 

With all this population growth some might wonder what makes Granbury so popular. Is it a good place to consider when moving to Dallas-Fort Worth? 

Granbury is located about an hour and a half outside of Dallas and Fort Worth and three hours from Austin. Granbury is the county seat of Hood County 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth. It is most popular for its location on Lake Granbury formed by damning the Brazos River in 1969. It is consistently recognized as one of Texas's most charming small towns. Granbury has a rich history with beginnings in 1853 when the area was settled by Davy Crockett's wife Elizabeth after the Texas Revolution.

Granbury is recognized as the celebration capital of Texas because there is always some sort of community event and celebration going on in this charming and warm small town. The schools are highly rated and successful and beyond the popular activities at the lake many people love the abundance of outdoor spaces. There are several popular golf courses all around the area as well. Granbury also has a vibrant art scene and a charming downtown historic square which is the iconic identifying landmark of Granbury. It isn't hard to see why Granbury has experienced significant and steady increasing growth for the past few decades. It is a great suburb of larger cities that offers a pleasant community-driven atmosphere. Granbury has become increasingly popular for young families and retirees alike.

There's a home type to meet every preference of homebuyers in Granbury as well. There are dream lakefront properties as well as housing communities with great amenities that put you near the water. There are large sprawling estate homes on plenty of land where you could start your own Homestead or house your equestrian family members. And there is every type of home in between from walkable homes near downtown to traditional newer construction neighborhoods at an affordable median price point.

If you are considering a move to Granbury Texas we would love to help you get more acquainted with the area. Please feel free to start by checking out our community page dedicated to Granbury and links to some of the most popular housing neighborhoods in Granbury.

If you are ready to start househunting and receive more information about available real estate in Granbury,  I am here to help. I am part of a team of expert Granbury real estate agents specializing in lakefront properties. Whatever Granbury home you are looking for I can help you find it. Contact me anytime!

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