Historic Granbury Square is the Perfect Place to Film a Christmas Movie

Historic Granbury Square is the Perfect Place to Film a Christmas MovieIt is no secret that Granbury Texas is one of the most picturesque and charming historic small towns in Texas. This paired with the warmth of the people and the picturesque seasonal decorations make it an amazing place to shoot a Christmas film. 

Film writer and director Bill McAdams Jr has discovered this as well and that is why he chose Granbury as the set of his new film entitled "A Christmas Heart." This is not the first film that has been shot in the city of Granbury. Several silver screen stories were filmed in our charming town. Some previous movie and show titles include 1883 which is famous for being the prequel to the hit Yellowstone series, Smoke, Valley Peaks, and many more. 

This Movie Holds a Long List of Recognizable Names in the Cast

Many stars have come to Granbury for work and this latest movie also sports an impressive list of stars. You may recognize the name Kevin Sorbo. He has a long list of TV and movies to his name including the popular 1990s show "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," many guest appearances on popular 90s shows because of his Hercules role, The show Andromeda, Soul Surfer, God's Not Dead, and many more. 

Other stars in the film include Nashville recording artist Sara Reeves, a singer/songwriter who just released her new Christmas album. Also in the cast are well-known Hank FM 92.1 radio host Erin Wilde, Sorbo's son Shane, and Bill McAdams himself along with some of his family members. 

Some of Granbury's Finest are in the Movie Too

The cast is not just full of those familiar with the entertainment industry. People in the city of Granbury will also be making an appearance in the movie. Granbury's own mayor Jim Jarratt is playing the role of mayor in the movie.

Some of Granbury's official police force are also cast in the film wearing real uniforms. The Granbury Fire Department also makes an appearance with the use of department fire trucks and suits. 

The Crew Has Ties to the Area

 The writer of the screenplay and producer and lead actor McAdams is from nearby Aledo Texas and is familiar with the Dallas-Fortworth metroplex area. He has filmed a previous project in Fort Worth and has filmed in his hometown of Aledo. Mc Adams is a friend of Sharon K Campbell. Her great-grandfather was THE George Granbury, brother of General Hiram B. Granbury and her mother was Merlee Granbury. Yes, those Granbury's, the founding family for which the city of Granbury is named. 

Campbell is responsible for bringing the movie to Granbury. Campbell and her husband Jim Doss are both executive producers on the film project and work alongside her son Don Wantz a producer in partnership with Mary Jean Bentley and Therese Moncrieff. 

What is the Movie About?

 The movie is a story that is not your typical feel-good "fluffy and light" Christmas story. It takes a look into the fact that normal daily life does not get put on hold because it's the month of December. People still experience setbacks and tragedy around the holidays. The writer, Mc Adams, draws from his own story of loss to present a story of a man losing his wife and child in a car accident as a result of texting and driving. He walks through his pain to arrive at a place of forgiveness. 

McAdams lost his brother in 2012 in a motorcycle accident and witnessed his mom's forgiveness. She eventually invited the person responsible for the accident into her home and made amends. He used this life experience to help him write a movie about the definition of forgiveness and the realization that there is redemption and hope when you follow the truthful path in life. 

Sorbo, probably the most recognized name/actor in the film has known McAdams for some time and was glad to be part of the film. He has grown exhausted of the stories produced in Hollywood as of late. He has dedicated his talents to playing roles in stories that are real but give the hope that the world so desperately needs right now. 

Granbury is a Film Friendly Texas Community

The city of Granbury welcomes the filming crew with open arms and is excited to see this opportunity for the city to be shared with a larger audience and to create work and revenue. Since the city is designated as film-friendly it has brought several screen projects to the area.  Tammy Dooley the director of the City of Granbury Convention and Visitors Bureau believes the film-friendly designation not only brings revenue but tourism and community pride. 

When Will The Film Be Ready for Viewing?

 The film is expected to be ready to show by Christmas 2024. The cast and crew of the film hope to raise enough money to get the film into theaters across the country. Currently, there are plans to screen the film at Cinergy Cinemas in Granbury when it is finished and ready for public viewing. 

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