Granbury Schools Awarded for Nutrition in Farm Fresh Challenge

Granbury Schools Awarded for Nutrition in Farm Fresh ChallengeEvery October Texas public schools across the state opt to participate in the Texas Department of Agriculture's Farm Fresh Challenge. The Challenge is an encouragement to have schools serve fresh food from local sources and teach kids about the nutrition of the foods. The program is an idea from the Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. 

Granbury Schools Win TDA's Highest Award in Farm Fresh Challenge

Every year public schools have the option to participate in the Farm Fresh Challenge for just one week in October or for the whole month. Last year Granbury Independent Schools entered the challenge for one week and the district received the Prime Participant Recognition Award. 

Director of Child Nutrition for GISD Amy Whiteley decided that the district would participate in the challenge for all of October. This earned the district the Best of the Bunch Award. 

What GISD Schools Did to Achieve the Award

Schools in Granbury had to put one Texas-grown product on the school menu every day for the month of October to attain the award. The schools created take-home flyers for students and created social media posts with information about each fresh local food product that was served at school. Texas-grown items the schools served included hydroponic lettuce, whole-grain gingerbread cookies, milk, and watermelon. 

Whiteley enjoys the Farm Fresh Challenge because it provides education to children about where the food they eat comes from. She shared with a local paper that it is great to share that several foods we eat come from hard-working farmers and that farmers go through a lot of steps to get food to our stores and on our tables. She feels it has been a lost concept with today's students and has welcomed the ability to teach kids in a new way that nutritious food is grown locally. 

More About the State Farm Fresh Challenge

Sid Miller recognized 107 Contracting Entities for achievements made in the challenge in 2023. Participants in the challenge purchased $13.86 million of locally grown or produced products and educated 2.67 million students in Texas agricultural practices. 

What Granbury Schools Recieve for Their Achievement

  • A physical award presented at mega con
  • A farm-fresh lapel pin
  • Recognition tool kit complete with executive-level summary and marketing including social media post suggestions for sharing the news and a template press release for local news along with a digital badge
  • A personal list letter for child nutrition directors or equivalent positions that is signed by Assistant Commissioner Lena Wilson
  • A personalized letter for superintendence signed by Commissioner Sid Miller
  • A certificate of recognition signed by Commissioner Sid Miller 

It is awesome to see the public schools of Granbury making the highest possible effort to participate in the Farm Fresh Challenge and to help the students of Granbury public schools learn about local agriculture and choose healthy foods that have been grown in Texas.

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