Granbury Has Been Named the Celebration Capital of Texas

Granbury Has Been Named the Celebration Capital of TexasLearning fun things about the town of Granbury helps anyone who has just purchased a home here or is considering moving here to discover how they can fit in and love their community even more. 

As of June 11, 2023, the governor of Texas Governor Gregg Abbot has designated the city of Granbury as the Official "Celebration Capitol of Texas."

Granbury is the Recipient of Many Fun Titles and Awards

The city of Granbury has earned many titles, designations, and awards over the years. Some of these include the Best Historic Small Town in America, Music Friendly Community, and Scenic City. But the current title just awarded to the city by the governor of Texas may be the largest title it has ever won. 

Granbury Director of Tourism or Visit Granbury Director Tammy Dooley stated that she believes this may be the biggest title that Granbury has ever been awarded. 

The Texas Legislature is able to assign place designations for any city in Texas as long as the designation has historical or cultural significance to it according to information found at the Legislative Reference Library of Texas's website. Any designation given is not allowed to be given to more than one location at the same time. These designations are put into place for a period of 10 years and can be renewed with a new declaration. 

How the Designation Came About

The city of Granbury has a dedicated local team of residents working in the community. Tammy at Visit Granbury is dedicated to improving the tourism economy of Granbury and was looking for a possible capital designation to gain more recognition of Granbury and put it on the map with even more people in Texas and beyond to come and visit. 

Tammy was surprised at the designation rewarded to the city because Granbury could be named for a myriad of different things. The people at Visit Granbury began to think of what Granbury might win a capital title for. With hundreds of ideas, several titles were already designated for other areas. The team went back to the drawing board and asked themselves "What does Granbury want to be known for over the next 10 years?" The team narrowed possible choices down to the top three. These choices included history, monarch butterflies, and festivals and events. 

As these ideas culminated the word celebration began to pop up. When celebration came into play everyone working on the ideas for a capital title agreed that celebration was the title to achieve. They believed that the word celebrate fit into what everyone in the room thought when they thought about what the city of Granbury symbolized. Once everyone was in agreement about Granbury being a place of celebrating they decided to adopt a resolution to request the Texas House of Representatives officially designate Granbury the "Celebration Capital of Texas."

The Granbury City Council adopted the resolution and sent it on to the state government through Rep. Shelby Slawson. She authored the bill and it was then sponsored by Brian Birdwell and went on to the desk of Governor Abbot. The joint house-senate resolution was signed by Abbot on June 11th as part of the 88th Texas Legislature. 

What Makes Granbury the Celebration Capitol of Texas?

Granbury hosts more than 40 annual community events that bring in well over 75,000 people. Some of the largest and most popular community events include the Fourth of July, the Wine Walk, The Harvest Moon Festival, Bull Riding on the Beach, JazzFest, Spooky Spectacle, LakeFest, and so many more.   

The amazing amount of community festivals coupled with all of the fun things to do in Granbury makes the city deserving of this new resignation as the "Celebration Captial of Texas." There are things for families to do that suit every individual interest as well as activities that allow families to enjoy time together. There is plenty to keep young professionals and adults entertained as well as younger party seekers in their teens and early years. From countless activities on the lake to golf to shopping, and live entertainment. 

There are 90 other cities in the state of Texas with capital designation titles, and of course, only Granbury is the Celebration Capital. 

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