Good Information for Lake Granbury Home Owners About Erosion

Good information for Lake Granberry homeowners about erosionIt is always good to be aware of all of the special and unique attributes of living around a lake. If you own a home on Lake Granbury or are looking to purchase a home on Lake Granbury it is good to know the facts about lake erosion. The watershed Council has estimated that more than 1,000,000,000 tons of sediment pollute US waters every year this is a result of erosion. It can affect any lake so it is good to know the facts about it if you are a lake homeowner.

The definition of lake erosion

Erosion is a destructive process caused by natural factors like wind and water. Many people attribute current erosion issues to climate changes over the last few decades. Erosion happens in any area where there is a body of water that meets up with the land. Much of it is caused when waves lap up onto the shore and pick up debris on their way back to the water. Some erosion processes are much slower than others.

The most common contributing factors to erosion

One of the best ways to help prevent erosion is to understand how it happens in the first place. As explained above the simple motions and movements of the water pull sediment from the shore down into the water causing the landscape to change either rapidly or over hundreds of years.

But this does not mean that lapping water or crashing waves are the damaging factors in a body of water's erosion. Erosion can happen both right at the water line and below the water line

Most often a body of water will have waves that cut into the surrounding earth and leave overhanging edges of land and these edges become unstable and collapse. This is a result of both shoreline erosion and what is considered shoreline undercutting. Often it is the undercutting that has been happening for a longer period of time. Undercutting is a result of things like high rainfall and flows from runoff in surrounding areas.

Other factors that contribute to erosion can include removing vegetation, man-made structures being put into the water such as dams, concrete development around the lake, water slopping, and types of overdevelopment. Extreme weather conditions can also play a huge part in the changes in the landscape around a body of water.

Things that can help prevent or slow down lakefront erosion

Helping to prevent or stop lakefront erosion takes attention and responsible action from local government and homeowners parts. There are many things that can be done to help decrease the amount of erosion around a body of water such as planting native plants and grasses, preserving the shoreline with a buildup of stones, the building of sea walls, the use of sandbags, newer construction measures such as installing erosion control blankets with landscaping, and keeping livestock in other areas away from the lake.

It is good to know what causes lake erosion and the rate at which lake erosion is occurring on the lake you plan to purchase a home or own a home. You want to make sure that you are making a good investment in your property and that it will be healthy and strong when you are the owner of the land on the water.

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