Going Green at Your Lakehouse with a Greywater System

Going Green at Your Lakehouse with a Greywater SystemUsing a gray water system at your lake house is a great way to create a sustainable lifestyle and a way of reducing your freshwater consumption and impact on the environment. 

Here are some good things to know about gray water systems at your lake house

What is a gray water system?

Where does all that water go after you have showered, washed your dishes, or done laundry? With a gray water system, you are able to recycle this water to be used for other purposes instead of drawing from brand-new water. Installing a special system called a gray water system helps you to recycle wastewater from sinks, showers, and more. The water is filtered to ensure that anything like bodily fluids or harmful chemicals are not reused in your home. As such, no contaminated water will be reused within your home. It helps to reduce your impact on water consumption.

Types of gray water systems

The simplest form of the gray water system is just a bucket that collects used water. This is also known as a manual refill system. Instead of allowing gray water to just disappear down into your plumbing, there is a bucket put into place to catch it. People that use the system take the bucket and use the water to hydrate their landscaping.

Another gray water system is a diversion device. This is an automated system that redirects used water away from the drain and into the garden directly without any manual labor. It can either be powered with a pump or gravity depending upon your location. The gravity pump is a more simple system but it only works with homes that have a downward slope to their landscaping. A pump system is installed underground and relies on mechanical or electric components to move gray water to the desired location for recycled use.

The most advanced of gray water systems is a gray water treatment system. It is like having your own private water treatment facility within your property. It completely purifies gray water to a point where it can be used for surface-level irrigation.

Important things for lake homeowners to know about gray water systems

Installing a gray water system at a lake house takes on more consideration than installing one in a traditional landlocked home. The first of course is making sure that you are keeping the lake near your home contaminant free. You never want your gray water released into the lake or river near your home. Nutrients in gray water are great for landscaping to feed your plants in your garden but can be pollutants in a freshwater system. If you are producing more gray water than you can use make sure to have a switch that lets you deposit excess gray water back into the plumbing and down the drain.

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