Finding Out the History of Your Granbury Home

Finding Out the History of Your Granbury HomeFinding out about the history of your home can be fun and interesting, but beyond just knowing some cool facts about the place it could also bring useful and helpful information in taking care of and maintaining your home. When it comes to finding out the history of your home there are several places you can do so. 

Local Assessor's Office

The first and best place to look up records about your Granbury home is with the local assessor's office. The county-level office keeps records of all properties within the boundaries. Many records are searchable online, but some require an in-person visit and request to receive information for free about a property. 

Bureau of Land Management General Land Office

The Bureau of Land Management has a digitized catalog of over 5 million federal land title records. Here you can find images of original documents dating all the way back to 1788. This could include survey plat maps, land patents, field notes, etc. 

Granbury Local Library or Historical Society Archives

Another great local source of information is the local library archives and local historical society archives. Checking through items like local newspaper archives you might find something interesting about your home. This could be time-consuming so unless you have a large timeframe to search through several archives you may want to skip this if you are trying to find something you need quickly.

Census Records

To find out who owned your home before you, you can find this information in the census records. Of course, this will only disclose ownership information prior to a certain year. The law states census information must remain protected for 72 years. Searching census data is not incredibly insightful unless you have a historic Granbury home. 

The Website is a website set up to find interesting information about a home. The website gives the information you would guess or expect it to from its name. Beyond giving information about if anyone has passed away on the property the website can also give information about a fire on the property, if the property was used as a meth lab, and more. 

The founder and president of the parent company for the website got the idea to put the site together when a tenant in one of his rentals claimed the home was haunted. Roy Condrey the rental owner never found evidence of a ghost, but it did pique his curiosity to find out the history of his investment properties.

Condrey couldn't find anything online to help him out so he created a website to help other property owners find out information about their homes. A report on your home from the website costs $11.99.  For the next 30 days after your report, the website will continue to look for records on your home for you and compile another report at the end of 30 days on all of the findings. 


This free platform was started in 2022. The website uses public records and crowdsourced info connected with an address. The website is young, and new information is continuously added to gain more insight into properties. Users can add information about their previous homes to the website to help other property owners out. The CEO describes her site as Zillow and Ancestry having a baby. 

You can go in and search any property in the United States … and sign up if you want to save and follow homes,” Zielike says.

These are just a few of the ways you can look up information on your Granbury home. There are many more, and more are added to the list as time rolls on. It is always fun to find out facts about your home or to figure out important details when building or remodeling in and around your property. It can even help when you are buying or selling a home. 

If you are looking for a home in Granbury please contact me any time. I am here to help with all Granbury real estate needs. Whether you are looking for an amazing property or considering selling your Granbury home. 

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