Find Community at the Lake Granbury Newcomers Club

Find Community at the Lake Granbury Newcomers ClubRelocating to a new city can be challenging especially if you are moving to a location where you don't know anyone. One of the best ways to feel like you belong in a city is to get to know people and find something you love to do with those people. If you are relocating to Granbury you may be looking for ways to get involved in something or create new friendships with your new "neighbors." 

Luckily Granbury is full of great things to do and a warm community of great people. If you are a woman moving to Granbury there is a club for newcomers in Granbury and surrounding areas. The focus of the club is to bring women in the area together to promote lasting friendships between new and established residents of the Granbury area. 

The Lake Granbury New Comers Club

The Lake Granbury Newcomers Club was established in 1978, it has been integral in connecting women in Granbury for several decades. The Club offers several social engagements. There is a board of 8 women that oversees the operations, membership, and general parameters of running the club. 

Both new residents and long-time residents are encouraged to join the club. It is a great way to make friends in the Granbury area. 

Interest Groups

There is a wide variety of activities available to club members through interest groups. The current interest groups include:

  • Book Discussion Group
  • Break a Leg Group
  • Bridge Group
  • Bunco Group
  • Creative Station Group
  • Evening Out Group
  • Friends of the Vine Group
  • Hand and Foot Group
  • Karaoke Group
  • Ladies Supper Club Group
  • Let's Do Lunch Group
  • Let's Go Hiking Group
  • Mah-jongg Group
  • Matinee Movie Group
  • Needle Arts Group
  • Onze Group
  • Rambling Rose Group

Each interest group has a description of the particular interest that the group focuses on and how often the group meets on the club website. Some groups meet once a month others meet twice a month and some meet weekly. Members are not limited to joining only one interest group they can join as many as they wish. Members need to be current with their dues payments and fees to participate in interest groups. Some interest groups are couple interest groups where women can bring their spouses along.

Club Schedule of Events

The club hosts a monthly luncheon on the first Thursday of every month. The lunch is usually held at the Pecan Plantation Country Club and is sometimes held at the DeCordava Bend Country Club. Luncheons feature special speakers and reports of what is going on in the club as well as plenty of social time, and a meal. and door prizes. Reservations are required from club members planning to attend. Club members need to make their reservation or cancel a reservation no later than noon on the Thursday one week before the luncheon. 

There is a schedule for the next three luncheon events that include: 

  • March 7 -Lunch with author Kate Somerset at the Pecan Plantation
  • April 4 -Safari Style Show luncheon at the Pecan Plantation
  • May 2 -Texas Bucket List luncheon at the Pecan Plantation


To be a part of the Newcomers Group, a person needs to fill out a membership application and pay annual dues. Membership is valid for one year and dues are paid on an annual basis. The club season begins June 1 and ends May 31 the following year. Currently, annual dues are just $25.

So if you are a woman relocating to the Granbury area you may want to check out the Lake Granbury Newcomers Club. It is a great way to find new interests or hobbies or get involved in something you already love and meet other women who live in the Granbury area.

If you need help relocating to Granbury I am very happy to help you get acclimated. I am here to help you find a Granbury home you will love and get to know their neighborhood. Contact me anytime with any Granbury real estate needs.

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