Does Granbury Have a Stormy Season?

Does Granbury Have a Stormy Season?When people consider relocating to Granbury Texas they naturally have a lot of questions about the Granbury area. Sometimes people hear that it is not uncommon for the North Texas area especially the Dallas Fort Worth area, or the DFW, to get tornadoes. Some have even heard it referred to or nicknamed as the tornado belt of Texas or tornado alley. Being that Granbury is within the greater DFW metropolitan area this leads many potential Granbury homebuyers to ask if Granbury has a bad stormy season.

Does Granbury Texas have a bad stormy season?

In the spring the DFW area can get pretty stormy and it is not uncommon for this area to see a tornado or two. However, even with the nickname Tornado Alley, the likelihood of a home being destroyed by a tornado is fairly low. It can be concerning to hear the name tornado alley given to the place where you are considering a move but tornadoes are quite rare when you look at all of the factors.

Granbury has been hit with tornadoes in the past and they have caused a fair amount of damage but some people who have lived here all their lives will tell you that they have rarely come in contact with tornadoes or sightings and when they did these tornadoes caused minimal damage when looking at the big picture.

Take a look at these answers provided by DFW area residents between 30 and 58 years of living in the area when asked about tornadoes in Dallas Fort Worth on the website

"First of all, I'm not a meteorologist. But I have lived in Texas my whole life, right in the middle of Tornado Alley. Over my 52 years, I've only had a couple of scares. One time I did see a tornado from my grandmother's porch and it hit a house about a mile up the road. Another time, I just saw and felt the atmosphere change . I had everyone in my home take cover. Which we found out later, that there was a tornado on the ground about 2 miles from us. Now these two things happened with at least 10–15 years between each other and were in more of a rural area. Also no one was hurt . Tornadoes are common on the ground , but not as often in our metropolitan areas . At least that's my experience here in North Central Texas. Actually the worst weather experience that has ever happened to me has been with hail. We had a storm in 1995 that was one of the most expensive hail storms in history. It totaled two of my vehicles with basketball size hail. There were literally holes in the roof of the house I was in. And I think my 27 year old child who was four at the time, is still a bit traumatized by it. So to answer your question, I don't believe we live in fear of tornadoes in the DFW area. It's just like any other state, we all have our weather problems that we just deal with. I love my state of Texas, and so far haven't found anywhere else that I want to live. Although I have to admit the heat in the summer is a bit hard to bare at times"

"I've lived in the D/FW metroplex for thirty years. Although there are a few tornadoes somewhere in the area every year, I've never personally had damage from one. They follow a pretty narrow track; one house can be flattened and the one next door untouched."

While the answer is yes there is a stormy season in the Dallas-Fort Worth area every spring huge and catastrophic storms are few and far between in the same location every year. There are some significant hail and thunderstorms but they are not much to worry about when purchasing a home.

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