Decluttering Your Granbury Home Room by Room

Decluttering Your Granbury Home Room by RoomThe New Year often brings about feelings of needing to get things organized and back in order to help turn a new leaf on life and start a new chapter on a better foot. But if you are contemplating decluttering your home, you may be wondering where to start.

What area of your home should you focus on first? Does every area need to be spotless? What should you get rid of and what should you keep? Decluttering is highly beneficial to help you feel like your home is running efficiently and in getting your Granbury home ready to sell. To help you declutter your home for whatever reason, here are some tips gathered from professional organizers. 

Fixing a Cluttered Mudroom

If your home is lucky enough to have a mudroom space it no doubt quickly gets filled up with piles of coats, shoes, sports equipment, bags, hats, and everything else. Mudrooms are hotspots for family clutter. 

One of the biggest issues with the mudroom is not that it is catching all of the clutter, that is what it was intended for. It is that the space does not get reset regularly and things are allowed to continue to pile up on top of each other until the room just becomes a pile of stress to dig through in a hurry when you need something on the way out the door. 

Try to build a habit of cleaning your mudroom at least once a week, if not taking a few minutes to do so at the end of every day. All it would take is somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes to accomplish. If your mudroom does not already have an organizational system now is a great time to incorporate one. Maybe bring in some locker style cubbies, or a storage bench and a shoe rack. Having a place for everything to rest in the room makes it easier to put things away. 

The Office 

With more and more homeowners able to work remotely full-time or part-time home offices are seeing a lot more use. These spaces easily become entangled with wires and clutter. There is a whole host of different electronic devices that offices use today and this can create a mess of wires that can easily become entangled and cumbersome. The easiest fix the issue is with a mess of cords everywhere is to neatly bundle them together and hide them out of sight. The good news is that there are organization systems made for this issue to easily keep your wires untangled and out of the way.

As for paper clutter you might decide to go digital with all of your paper filing systems. Of course for any documents that are of the highest importance you will want to have both of paper and a digital copy. But getting rid of the stacks of paper is an easy way to reduce a huge amount of clutter and needed storage in your office. 

Kitchen Drawers

Maybe not every drawer in the kitchen is overflowing with helpful gadgets and trinkets to make our favorite eats but there is no doubt at least one drawer in the most important room in our house that feels like it is a drop zone for some sort of utensils or cooking tools. The one drawer where if someone tries to open it it needs to be jostled just right to attempt to get into it. If you have more utensils then can fit in your drawers opting for a nice decorative utensil canister may be the touch of extra space you have been hoping for. Picking out a utensil canister can bring a touch of warmth and decorative vibrance to your kitchen as well. Choose one in colors that work with the scheme as well as a style that fits your kitchen perfectly. You can also easily pick out some great drawer dividers to help you organize what is left in your drawer.

That Space Under the Bathroom Sink

The all too common cluttered space in our homes is the one under the bathroom sink. The space does a lot of work holding beauty products, hair tools, extra paper products, linens, and cleaning supplies. That is a lot to expect for my small cabinet underneath your sink. It is not uncommon for many homes to quickly become overrun with clutter in the bathroom cabinet. An easy way to make the space work better for you is with stackable drawers and turntables. They easily create more shelving and space where there seems to be a little.

There are many great easy ways to clean the clutter and organize your home so that it works better for you. Or if you are getting ready to sell your Granbury home so that it does not feel like there's too much stuff distracting potential buyers from seeing the home.

If you are getting ready to sell your home we are happy to help you in the process. We are experienced Granbury real estate agents and can help you to focus on areas of your home to make simple adjustment so that it is ready to show and it's best light. Contact us any time for any Granbury real estate needs.

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