Creating a Memorable Vacation Rental on Lake Granbury that Stands Out

Creating a Memorable Vacation Rental on Lake Granbury that Stands OutWhen you purchase a lake home in Granbury that you plan to use for family vacations and rent out when you aren't there, or to use full-time as a rental, you want to find ways to make your rental listing stand out and grab attention. You want your rental to pull guests in right away and book your home. When they book you want them to have such a great time that they book again. Follow these great tips to make your Lake Granbury vacation rental stand out. 

It Starts at the Front Door

You want to create a welcoming environment that invokes a mood of excitement from your guests before they even step into the home. Start with the curb appeal and front door. Make sure landscaping is neat and tidy, walkways are pressure washed and swept, and the entrance has a style that makes a guest want to step inside. 

Make sure the front door area is clean, the light fixtures are working, and the welcome mat says something fun and inviting. Once your guests walk through the front door it is important to hit them with cheerful and vibrant decor that sets a tone for the whole home. Consider pops of bright colors that start a style story for the home and a sign you can change to leave a fun message for each guest. 

Thoughtful Touches

After a long day of travel guests will likely be thirsty or hungry, or both. Consider sticking some water bottles in the fridge and assembling a welcome basket with a few gifts. Give the basket a little something extra by using items that are special to Granbury retailers and make sure to note where your guests can find more if they love the snacks. Some hosts include coupons or special deals from these local retailers after making deals and building relationships with shop owners. It forms a business relationship that can help drive business to your rental.

Furnish the home with an overall decor theme, but don't go overboard with it. Keep things simple and make sure to think about including plenty of seating for each guest in the main living areas. In bedrooms bring in nightstands and keep them empty so guests have plenty of room to place essentials. Add a charger available for use in case someone forgot theirs. 

High-Quality White Linens and a Great Mattress

Make sure the bedding is of the highest quality. If a guest can't sleep because they are uncomfortable it is the first signifier they will not be back. Incorporating the best linens in crisp white makes the bed even more comfortable and luxurious. It also helps to communicate that linens are cleaned with the utmost care and ready for them to safely relax.

Fun Activities

If you are starting a Lake Granbury vacation rental the biggest draw of the home will be the location on or near the lake. While the lake does present plenty of things to do, you want to provide ways for your guests to easily enjoy the location. Ask yourself what you would imagine to be the ideal dream day on the lake. 

Make items available for guest use. Items like floats for the water, extra towels that are for use at the lake (extra help for both you and guests to help ensure bath towels stay in the house), some lawn chairs, water toys, etc. 

Also, include items that guests can use to enhance and enjoy their time while hanging out inside or in the yard at the house. Items like outdoor furniture and lawn games, a fire pit, some sticks for roasting marshmallows, board games for time spent in the house, an extra Netflix subscription for curling up on the couch when it gets cold outside, etc. 

If your home is within a short distance from businesses in Granbury consider adding the use of bikes that will make going to the local cafe for a coffee even better. 

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