Cosmetic Upgrades that Sell Homes Quickly

In the current real estate market, many homes are selling much more quickly than they would have just over a year ago. Even in a seller's market, some homes sell faster than others. Here are some simple cosmetic changes that help homes to sell faster.

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Cosmetics upgrades that sell housesA Fresh Coat of Paint

There is just something to be said about a fresh coat of paint. The way it makes a room feel bright and new and communicates the home is well taken care of. Painting your home in a neutral hue that appeals to most buyers also helps them to see the home and not be distracted by your personal design tastes, i.e. a room painted in the colors of your favorite sports team.

Crown Molding

Crown molding isn’t essential in selling a home, but it does elevate the style of a home and gives a certain message of high quality. It helps to bring polish to a room.

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet and drawer pulls are a low-cost way to get rid of outdated elements and bring in new updated ones. You will be surprised at how much this small detail will do for updating the look of your kitchen and bathrooms. Just make sure to stick with hardware that is simple or classic.

Staining Hardwoods

If your hardwood floors are beyond tired looking, getting them refinished will do wonders to make them feel new and will refresh the look of the entire home.

Subway Tile

Tile is a great sturdy option for decorating spaces, it can also be a design option that badly dates a space and makes it off-putting. If you have a space with tired and outdated tile, consider a refresh using subway tiles. They are a great inexpensive tile that stands the test of time. It’s a universal look that will always be in style and appeal to a large number of people.

Light FixturesCosmetics upgrades that sell houses

Light fixtures do not cost an arm and a leg and are a great way to change the style of a room. Simply replacing those tired fixtures from over a decade ago will do wonders to change the appeal of a room.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Old orangey oak cabinets scream outdated kitchen. Since the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home to a buyer, take a few minutes to make your kitchen look brand new with a fresh coat of paint or a new color of stain. Stick with popular neutrals like white or light gray if painting.


Curb appeal matters, because this is the first thing people see when they see your home. This is also the first thing their friends will see when they invite them over. They want their new home to be visually appealing from the outside.

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Outdoor Spaces

Clean up and stage your outdoor areas to look like a welcoming and inviting hang out area, a place where a buyer can see themselves enjoying the fresh air on their own terms. Private outdoor areas are a major selling factor right now. Doing the simple work of setting up some furniture for lounging, a table for eating, or a fire pit and chairs will go a long way.

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