Cons of Single Pane Windows

Whether you are in the market for a new home or are looking at upgrading your current home, there many benefits to upgrading single pane windows. There are many reasons why homeowners are choosing to upgrade their windows, even if they don’t plan on selling any time soon, and likewise, buyers are searching for homes that are already equipped with double pane windows for many of the same reasons. While there are a few different reasons that people may choose to either upgrade or search for homes with newer windows, these seem to be the top 3 reasons or “cons” that cause the upgrade or search.Cons of Single Pane Windows

#1 Poor Insulation

If your home gets really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer, your windows may be to blame. Single pane windows provide little to no insulation from the elements and thus, allow the outdoor temperatures to lurk into your home which forces your energy bill to be higher as you have to heat or cool your home at a higher and more frequent rate.

#2 Noise

While in some more remote or quiet neighborhoods this may not be as big of a problem, if you live by a busy street, airport, train tracks, etc. then the noise levels are drastically louder in a home that has single-pane windows vs. double. Even small noises, such as a conversation in your driveway can often be heard through a window, and thus, many homeowners are choosing to upgrade so that they have a little more privacy as well as peace and quiet.

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#3 Durability

Naturally, only having one pane of glass vs. two means that the windows are not as durable. One bad throw of the football could be all it takes for the window to shatter, whereas with a double pane, often the air between the two sections will take the brunt of the blow and help the window’s elasticity and give which in turn can end up saving the window from breaking.

While there are many different reasons you may choose to upgrade your windows or search for homes that are already outfitted with newer windows, these three categories seem to cause the most problems for homeowners, and thus tend to be the top three reasons why single-pane windows are being upgraded to double.

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