Community Amenities that Increase the Value of a Granbury Home

Community Amenities that Increase the Value of a Granbury HomeLocation! Location! Location! Where a home is located is incredibly important to the desirability and the overall market value of the home. You have probably seen this ring true as homes in certain areas come at a higher price point. The most common is a home on the water costing thousands more than a very similar home far removed from the waterfront.

Where a home is located is much more than just the attributes near the home. It is about the attributes of the neighborhood directly surrounding the home as well. This is why communities with amenities have homes that retain a higher fair market value. When it comes to community amenities some help a home to retain a value more than others because they are highly desirable. Here are some of the most desirable community amenities that help Granbury homes retain value.

Nearby Essentials

You may have heard the term walkable community, walkable neighborhood, or walkable location. This is often highlighted because many people are looking for this asset when it comes to homes. A home's location near modern amenities is seen as a huge perk to homebuyers. Not just homes that you can walk from the front door to needed daily essential businesses but also ones that give a short driving distance with easy access are also highly desirable. For this purpose property appraisers actually factor in proximity to essential services when they are evaluating the fair market value of the property.

Dog Park

An agreeable amenity high on many Granbury homebuyers' lists is proximity to a place where they can bring their whole family to enjoy the outdoors together. This includes furry family members. Even if a home has a great yard where a dog can run around at any point in the day, homeowners are looking for spaces where they can get away from the house once in a while and let their dog run and play. A dog park also gives the added benefit of helping dogs meet other dogs and learn incredibly important socialization skills.

Walking Trails

Communities that have a system of walking trails are a huge bonus for many people. The opportunity to get outside and easily enjoy some physical activity without worrying about traffic or crowds and enjoying the scenery is a great asset to have. If a trail system connects homeowners to other areas of the community the system is even more highly regarded. For example, if a system provides safe and easy access to a neighborhood school for children to walk to school from home away from heavy traffic or you can easily access other parks and trails systems or a nearby restaurant these trails just became even more appealing.

Amenities Centered Around Health and Wellness

Most community amenities offer the ability to take part in physical activity. These are things like pools, golf courses, pickleball courts (one of the most popular growing sports), tennis, spa facilities, and studios that offer classes. All of these things included within HOA prices allow for homeowners to find various ways to stay healthy and active without paying for a health club membership, extra equipment, or a membership in some sort of program or video club. An added bonus is the ability to have someone else take care of the equipment and maintain it.

Community Events and Activities

This is not high on the priority list but it is great for young families and people in their golden years looking for opportunities to do something fun and meet like-minded people. Organized community events also help bring neighbors together and foster community pride as well as combat loneliness. They can help neighbors get to know each other and find new interests while helping people relocating to a new area settle in more comfortably.

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