Checking Out Water Damage in a Granbury Home

Checking Out Water Damage in a Granbury HomeIf you are shopping for your next Granberry home, have lived in your house for several years, and plan to continue doing so, or are going around your home getting it ready to sell finding signs of water damage is concerning. Finding signs of water damage will definitely need some further inspection as to how long the problem has been around and what caused it as well as what needs to be done to get the area back to new. 

How to Access and Remedy Water Damage in a Home

The first step to finding signs of water damage in a home is to assess how old the water damage is. Finding the age of water damage might not be as easy as it seems. Here are three ways to determine how long water damage has been around.

Feel it

Upon seeing something that could indicate the signs of water damage the first step is to put on a pair of gloves and maybe some protective eyewear and even a facemask to examine the area of damage. Start by gently pressing the area where the discoloration and suspected presence of water damage is. If the area feels damp or a bit squishy but the actual wall or structure behind the paint or wallpaper is firm this can indicate that the damage is still pretty new. If there is a lot of squishy or spongy material this can indicate that the damage has been there for some time.

Count rings

Often with water damage staining the more rings that are present in the staining, the older the water damage is. It is also good to look at the color of the water-damage stain to see if the rings are different colors. This could be a sign of several different water damage issues happening in the same spot meaning that any repairs attempted were not properly done. If there is only a single dark spot without rings forming out of it this is a sign of a fairly new water leak.

Checking for mold

With time water damage can begin to grow mold. All it takes is about 48 hours for mold to start growing as a result of a water leak. Mold can often look like small gray or black specs on the walls or floors or ceiling. If the mold has spread to a significant area this can indicate an older water damage issue. If there are areas of decay this could mean that the damage is pretty old as well.

Making a water damage repair

In the case of a leak coming from a clean water source that is not extensive, you may be able to deal with the damage on your own without any huge monetary costs. You want to start by removing the standing water with a wet-dry vacuum or several towels. Anything that became soaking wet from the water leak needs to be removed from your home and replaced with new material. After you have pulled out all the affected materials you want to dehumidify the area by running fans or an industrial dehumidifier that you can rent.

Once everything that was wet and damaged has been removed and dry it is time to disinfect everything that remains in the area. This will help to ensure that nothing harmful is growing in the home. Make sure to double-check for mold because it can easily spread and hide out in sneaky areas. Sometimes mold and mildew can look like dirt so make sure to give everything a very thorough cleaning.

Now that you are almost ready to repair and replace with new materials it is good to take preventative measures to help ensure another leak will not happen. If you are unsure that you have properly taken care of everything it is a good idea to call in professional help even if the repair seems small and easy. Once you are sure of where the leak came from and that measures have been taken to remedy it happening again it is time to repair the area of damage.

Water damage can be concerning but it is always a good idea to have a professional assess the damage if you are unsure of the source or how serious the damage really is. This is especially important if you are considering purchasing a Granbury home that you spot water damage signs in.

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