Checking Out Stumpy's on the Lake Granbury Marina

Checking Out Stumpy's on the Lake Granbury Marina If you have been to Granbury at all, chances are you have seen the lake. Lake Granbury is an outdoor hub of recreational activity in the town. There are a lot of great spots around the lake to enjoy. One of them is the marina. On the Marina of Lake Granbury, you will find Stumpy's

 Stumpy's offers a wide range of fun, services, and goods on Lake Granbury. It is a great spot to get to know the city of Granbury if you have just moved here or are planning to move to Granbury.

Stumpy's On the Lake Granbury Marina

Stumpy's Closet

Stumpy's Closet is a boutique store open in Lake Granberry Marina it has a range of supplies for boating as well as great clothing to enjoy all of your lake fun. There is a fun selection of casual lake fashion and those great graphic tees to help you remember a fun stay or rep the city of Granbury. Some clothing brands you may find at Stumpy's include Reef Swimwear, Oakley, Under Armour, and Huk, and it is the only place in the area that officially sells Ray-Ban sunglasses. You can also find equipment to have fun on the lake including float toys and paddle boards. This fun boutique store right on the marina has everything you might need for some fun in or near the water.

Stumpy's Sweet Shack

If you are in the mood for something sweet and delicious come by the marina and visit Stumpy's Sweet Shack. Enjoy something freshly baked by local talented bakers and a wide range of anything that you could expect to find in a classic bakery from cupcakes to the yummiest cookies. Everything is made fresh daily. One of the favorites here is the woopie pies that come in a variety of amazing flavors including mint chocolate chip, vanilla, and chocolate. Even have some great treats for your furry family members.

Come in to Stumpy's often and benefit from the seasonal cupcake and cookie menus. You don't want to miss out on what is new and fresh for the season. Some people really enjoy their tried and true favorites at Stumpy's one favorite of many Stumpy regulars is the cowboy cookie.

Stumpy's Lakeside Grill

To round the Stumpy's family of businesses on the Lake Granbury Marina is the most recognized of them all, the Lakeside Grill. The Stumpy's Lakeside Grill is iconic to Granbury and often on a must-visit list when you ask a Granbury local. Famous for fried catfish Poboys and shrimp tacos you will love the amazing atmosphere and the even more amazing friendly staff. It is a favorite spot to grab a relaxing libation like a giant margarita or a bloody Mary.

Stumpy's has been in Granbury for over 15 years and prides itself on being a local institution to the city of Granbury. You can find Granbury locals from all walks of life enjoying amazing burgers or an endless basket of chips and salsa while enjoying the indoor and outdoor scenery on the shores of the lake. It is not only a place to enjoy some of the best food in Granbury but to also people watch and take in the fun atmosphere that helps tell the story of Granbury culture.

Stumpy's receives a 4.5 [email protected] with its highest marks for the atmosphere but not far behind are equal ratings for the food, service, and value. Check out this great review left on the TripAdvisor website:

"Indoor and outdoor seating is available. Every table can see the lake and watch ducks and geese.

The restaurant offers free tortilla chips and salas and has a very nice burger/taco vegetable topping bar.

I enjoyed the grilled chicken tacos. Large tacos with lots of meat and slaw.

My wife had the grilled shrimp basked and upgraded to sweet potato fries, both of which were excellent.

Service is informal - you pick up your food from the counter. The employees will help carry your food to your table if you have a lot, and they keep the dining area spotless."- Richard4188

The Lake Granbury Marina is always a fun spot to spend some time in Granbury. If you were moving to Granbury we suggest checking it out. If you are looking for a home in Granbury I am here to help. Contact me anytime with any Granbury real estate needs, for both buying and selling homes.

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