Can Water Level Impact the Value of a Lake Granbury Home?

Can Water Level Impact the Value of a Lake Granbury Home?There are many lifestyle benefits to living on Lake Granbury one of the most attractive is the scenery and the abundance of recreational activities right outside your door to enjoy it almost anytime you want. Several things can impact the value of a lake home and some people may not realize that the water level near the home can impact the value of the home. It should also be a consideration in your Lake Granbury home purchase.

How water level can impact a Lake Granbury home value

The flood zone

Being near water means a home is at a higher likelihood of being in a flood zone. If a home is designated within a flood zone this means that the cost of insurance can be impacted with more requirements for a larger homeowner insurance policy or a specialized policy in addition to regular homeowners insurance. A home within a flood zone not only affects the price of the home but the cost of extra insurance which translates to a higher cost of ownership.

Even if a home is not within proximity of the lake to be flooded there could still be a flood zone. A home that is built back from the water with a gradual incline is built further away because of the flood zone. Even homes with 100-year flood zones are still considered in a flood zone and as such the value of the property is impacted.

Seasonal Water

This is not a huge issue at Lake Granbury but some lakes have a huge seasonal change in the water level. This means that their water level can drop to almost nonexistent to where the water is not usable at certain times of the year. It can however impact some homes at the shoreline on any lake. It is good to make sure you know how the water level changes seasonally near your Granbury home or a potential Lake Granbury home you are considering.

Daily Changes in the Level

Some areas of some lakes can have significant daily changes in the water level. It is always a good idea if you're purchasing your home to make sure that you are aware of how the water level can change around the home and how often it does change. This is the least common change in water levels but it can be possible especially if you are living in an area where there is a dam and the water level can be changed manually by government officials for different purposes.

Deep Water

The depth of the water near the home makes a big difference in the value of the property. Not all homes on the same lake will have the same water depth on the shoreline. Many spots along Lake Granbury and the Brazos River have different depths. The reason this impacts a home is the ability to have amenities that buyers could be looking for such as the ability to have a dock and store a boat.

Not all lake homes are going to have every one of these water level considerations but it is always best to do your homework when purchasing a Granbury home to make sure that you know every aspect of the body of water near your home and your ability to make use of the water in the way that you hoped. A home is only as valuable as your ability to use it in the way you prefer. When shopping for lake homes it is always best to work with a real estate professional that knows all about lake properties and the body of water surrounding the lake properties.

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