Buyer's Agent for Granbury TX Real Estate

Considering buying a home in Granbury Texas? One of the very first steps we always recommend is to have your own buyer representation. Real estate agents work on two basic sides of the transaction, the listing agent and the buyer's agent. The listing agent lists the property for a homeowner on the MLS and markets that property to potential buyers.Buyer's Agent for Granbury TX Real Estate

The buyer's agent is the one that actually represents the buyer in the transaction. The listing agent negotiates with the seller on an appropriate commission for the sale of the property. If the listing agent also brings the buyer, the agent receives the full commission. If the buyer has their own agent, the commission is split between the two agents. However, using a listing agent to purchase property means that the listing agent's primary goal is to sell that one particular property and of course, they work for the seller first, not the buyer.

A buyer's agent or representative works specifically for the buyer of the property. Their goal is the same as the buyers, find the right home at the right price. The buyer's agent will receive a split commission from whichever home the buyer chooses, so it's imperative that buyers have their own agent to represent their negotiation strategies, terms, and price.

Can you use a buyer's agent for a for sale by owner home (FSBO)?

If a buyer happens to find a home that is sold by the owner directly, the buyer's agent can still negotiate with the homeowner. Oftentimes, the buyer's agent will help facilitate the entire transaction, in which case the homeowner will typically put up 3 to 4% of the purchase price of the home as a buyer's commission. Buyers should not hesitate to consider for sale by owner homes because of the commission as buyers agents can always negotiate with the homeowner. The goal is to find the right home, regardless of who is actually selling the property.

Can the buyer's agent help the buyer sell their property?

Pretty much the only time one agent can facilitate both transactions in an honest and ethical manner is when that agent helps the buyer sell one property and by another. This is actually a benefit to the buyer and that they won't have multiple agents facilitating or handling the transaction. Of course, if the home purchase and sale are in different areas or two different states, it makes it almost impossible. But, if the homeowner is selling a property in the same area as they are buying, using the same agent for both deals is much easier and it makes a transaction much smoother.

Dual agency.

Dual agency means that one agent is facilitating the transaction for both the buyer and the seller on the same property. This is where things get a little bit muddy. Naturally, the homeowner listing the property enlisted the help of the agent first, and their primary goal is to sell that property. If a buyer's agent has the listing agent facilitate the transaction, their needs and interests are typically not the highest priority, the seller is. This is why it is tough to ethically represent both the buyer and the seller on the same property.

We always recommend all of our buyers have their own representative when purchasing the property. Not only does it take the heavy lifting off of the buyer, but the legal jargon, the sometimes confusing documents and paperwork, and the entire process is made much easier by someone that understands the process and knows the legal ramifications. The last thing you want is to regret your home purchase.

When you're ready, contact one of our agents today to represent you on a Granbury home purchase. Because we sell homes throughout Granbury and surrounding communities and towns, we have agents that specialize in helping our buyers facilitate the transaction and get the very best deal.

In today's tough market, having your own real estate representative is crucial. With multiple offers, bidding wars, and the strategic negotiations between buyer and seller, having your own representative on your side is invaluable. Contact us below to learn more at any time or to get started interviewing one of our buyer's agents today.

If you’re currently searching for an agent to assist you with the purchase or sale of a home, have questions regarding the current real estate market, or have any general questions regarding Granbury real estate, feel free to contact our office at any time.

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