Buyer Access is Important in Selling a Granbury Home

Buyer Access is Important in Selling a Granbury HomeSpring is peak homebuying season in Granbury and the rest of the country. When you have your home listed for sale one of the biggest ways to get your home sold in a shorter timeframe is to be flexible with the access you allow buyers to have for in-person showings. 

When you hire a trustworthy local Granbury real estate agent, one of the important things you will talk about is how much access you are willing to give to buyers and their agents to come see the home in person. Some homeowners are unaware of how important being flexible with home tours can be. 

Home tours can be frustrating and overwhelming for a current homeowner when they are living in the home while selling, and understandably so. It is hard to live in a home and keep it ready for company, especially strangers who are there to judge the home, to come over at a second's notice. Opening your home to more buyers will greatly increase the likelihood of receiving an offer. 

With listing still at a limited amount and an increase in buyer activity knowledgeable buyer agents are going to want to bring their interested clients over to see a home as soon as they can. So how can a homeowner keep some semblance of order in their daily life and allow buyers to come and see their home to get it sold in less time?

Finding a Buyer Access Solution that Works For You

To find a plant to allow buyers to come look at your home your real estate agent will walk you through some options for giving buyers access to come and tour your home. Here are some of the most common access strategies in order of most access to least. 

Putting a Lockbox on the Door: A key is placed in a box attached to the doorknob on the front door, or another exterior door that can be accessed by a real estate professional. This box has a combination only given to a real estate professional either accessed through an agent-only website or by the agent calling your agent. This gives an agent access to your home with flexibility. However, an agent should always call before coming over with clients. 

Key to the Home Through Your Agent: This method provides access to the home, but the buyer agent must stop by an offer to pick up a key. it is still pretty flexible but requires more planning putting a bit more of a barrier between the buyer agent and just dropping buy the home with little notice. 

By Appointment Only: This communicates that a real estate agent must set up a planned date and time to bring a client over to the home. It helps to give you advanced warning and plan around a showing. it allows you to plan to not be in the home so that buyers can take a look. It gives you time to make sure everything is in place. But it can be more restrictive. It might mean a buyer looks at another home while waiting to see yours. 

Limited Access: This method is for homeowners who want to limit buyer showings to certain days and timeframes on those days. This can make it easier for the homeowner to get the home ready and still juggle daily life, but it is also the least flexible of strategies. It could make it difficult for buyers to see the home without anyone else on the property. 

If you are a homeowner worried about keeping your home clean and ready to show to buyers but want to remain flexible to allow as many buyers as possible to see your home and get it sold quickly asking about a combination of strategies may work best for you. Such as asking for one day a week or every two weeks with no showings and giving maximum flexibility like an open house on another day and maintaining something in the middle for most days. 

If you are preparing to sell your Granbury home, I am here to help. I am an experienced Granbury real estate agent dedicated to the needs of my clients. I will help you to sell your home successfully for the best price possible while advocating in your best interest. 

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