Boat Navigation Rules for Lake Granbury

Every lake has its own set of usage rules. It is always best to know how a lake can be used before you consider purchasing a home on it, renting a home on it, or even vacationing on it with hopes of using the lake.

Here are the specific boat navigation rules to Lake Granbury in Granbury TexasBoat Navigation Rules for Lake Granbury

  • All vessels that are passing head-on are required to keep to the right
  • All vessels that are overtaking any other vessel are able to do so on either side, but must grant the right of way to the vessel that is being overtaken
  • If a vessel is passing at a right angle the vessel on the left will be expected to yield right of way to the vessel on the right just as if you were in a car at an intersection with stop signs
  • All motorboats are required to yield the right of way to non-motor powered boats except for the following scenarios 1. When being overtaken by non-powered vessels 2. For deep draft vessels that have to remain in narrow channels 3. When a vessel is towing another vessel
  • All motor boats are required to maintain a direct course when passing a sailboat
  • All vessels approaching a landing dock or pier shall always yield the right of way to a vessel that is leaving the landing dock or pier
  • Any vessel leaving Shoreline or tributary is required to yield the right of way to through traffic and vessels approach in the shoreline or tributary
  • All vessels planning to abruptly change their course will only be allowed to do so if they have first determined that they can safely do this without the risk of collision with any other vessel on the water
  • If a vessel operator is unsure of an approaching vessel’s course he must slow down immediately to a speed barely sufficient for steerage way until the other vessel in question has passed by
  • All vessels gilding the right of way need to reduce their speed, stop, reverse, or alter their course to avoid collision at all costs. Any vessel with the right of way shall hold their course and speed. If there is the possibility of a collision all vessels will need to slow down, stop, or reverse to avert any danger
  • All vessels will be required to issue a warning signal in fog or thick weather
  • No mechanically propelled vessel will be allowed to be operated in a circular course around any other vessel or a person that is swimming
  • In narrow channels all vessels are required to keep to the right of mid channel
  • All vessels approaching or passing other vessels shall operate in a manner at which the speed of their vessel will not create a hazardous wash or wake for the other vessel
  • No vessel on the lake shall interfere with the takeoff, landing, or taxing of any aircraft
  • All vessels will be operated at reasonable speeds for the given situation that they are operated in and must be under complete control of the vessel operator at all times
  • No person shall operate a vessel in excess of any established speed zone
  • No vessel or person is allowed to obstruct or block navigation channels, entrance to a channel, mooring slips, landing docs, launching wraps, Piers, or tributaries
  • Vessels shall always keep at least 100 feet of clearance of a displayed drivers flag
  • All operators shall always maintain a proper lookout

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