A New Dog Groomer is Open in Granbury

A New Dog Groomer is Open in GranburyIf you have a furry family member and have just moved to the area or are looking for a home in Granbury and are wondering where you could get your furry loved one groomed, Granbury has a new grooming option. 

Granbury's Newest Pet Groomer

Kathryn Lospinoso is a Granbury resident of two years. She moved to Granbury from Florida and is open for business ready to freshen up your favorite creatures. The name of her business is Dainty Paws Salon

The Dainty Paws Salon is located at 816 North Houston Street. The salon is a small space in a nicely renovated cute old cottage home. The space was once a small 1940s home and is now the business of Lospinoso's dreams. She told the Hood County News that she has always loved animals and has always dreamed of owning her own grooming business. 

She was getting ready to open the business after a significant time of saving and preparations in the town where she was living in Florida. Her mom who lived in North Carolina called her up one day and encouraged her to move to Texas with her. Lospinoso put her business plans on hold and packed up for her new adventure with her mom in Texas. Her mom has been the biggest support in Lospinoso's opening of her grooming business. 

Her mom was a pet groomer and she spent a lot of time in the grooming shop her mother worked in. Kathryn says she has had a passion for grooming all of her life. 

Pet Services at Dainty Paws

Dainty Paws Salon will offer full haircuts, coloring, line cuts, spot shavings, baths, nail trims, and even special fun services like coloring. If you are someone who enjoys bathing your dog on your own you can bring your pet in for a quick simple haircut or just a trim of the face and feet.

Why Check out Dainty Paws

The thing that sets Dainty Paws apart and makes it a special grooming experience for your furry family members is that the new shop offers an upscale setting with an affordable price point. Taxes are included in the price so there is no upcharging. There are no extra surprise fees when you bring your dog in to get groomed.

The tagline for Dainty Paws is "Where happiness happens". Los Panozzo has a focus on making Dainty Paws a luxury atmosphere that retains comfort and affordability. She has a focus on transparency with her clients where she invites pet owners to come back with their pets to look at the equipment and get a full confident feeling that their pet is in good hands.

She will also include special services for pets that don't get along well with other pets or just need special appointments to be more comfortable with grooming. She has special grooming times for cats so that no dogs are present to make a cat feel uncomfortable. She also has special appointment bookings so owners can stay with their pets during their grooming if it makes them feel more coachable.

She has taken a lot of time to make sure that the business offers the highest level of service with more options and tries to provide extra measures that seem to be missing from other grooming businesses she has experienced. She did the floor plan of the cottage home herself and was able to put in a double gate to ensure that no pet escapes when the front door is opened for example.

Dainty Paws Hours of Operation

The brand-new Dainty Paws salon has been open since November and operates Tuesday through Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM. It is always recommended that appointments be scheduled to ensure availability but you can try your chances at walking in as well.

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