6 Point Checklist on New Construction Homes

Just because you are buying new construction doesn't mean you shouldn't have a home inspection.6 Point Checklist on New Construction Homes

Many folks are considering buying new construction homes rather than existing ones throughout the Granbury real estate market. With such a tight inventory, home buyers are getting frustrated when they are beaten out time and time again by other offers. The alternative is to find a parcel of land and build your own. This is becoming more and more popular but just because it's a brand-new home, doesn't mean it's perfect. If you're considering building a home, I still urge you to have a home inspection.

Here's a six-point checklist on new construction homes around the Portland metro area.

#1. The structure of the home.

The inspector should inspect the structural integrity of the home to determine if it will have any problems in the future. Ask about the type of material and how susceptible it is to pests and rot. The inspector will tell you about the foundation and the general integrity of the entire home.

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#2. Foundation of the home.

Even though it's a brand-new home, some builders can get a little lax on quality so have the inspector checked the foundation of the home closely identify any damage or unsustainable structures.

#3. The general exterior of the home.

While the structure and foundation are definitely part of the exterior, most home inspectors will dig deep to find any and all issues that might have a problem in the future with the exterior of the home. They will check that the foundation is in excellent condition visibly, check for cracks, saltiness in landscaping, the drainage to make sure that water carries away from the house properly, septic systems or a public sewer, termite or pest infestation, doors and windows are secure and not bowing or leaking, and if there's any standing water.

Inspectors will also take a look at cracks in the stucco or siding, if the paint is already peeling, any decay on the roof or patching, that the gutters drain properly, and that the chimney or piping is in good working condition.

#4. Interior of the home.

The interior of the home must also be inspected to make sure that things were done up to code and the the contractor wasn't cutting any corners. Check for odd smells inside the home and if the insulation is working properly. Are all the electrical outlets functioning properly? Are there any stains or cracks on the walls, floors, or ceilings? Do rooms have enough electrical outlets? Are all the window joists properly caulked? Is there proper ventilation? Are there any leaks from faucets or water connections? Do all the toilets function properly? Does the home have the proper amount of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? Is there any dampness or strange odor in the attic?

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#5. Electrical systems.

All wires need to be properly installed and not visible. Make sure breakers and fuses are not overheating. All cables and outlets must be properly secured and make sure you know where the service panel is when necessary.

#6. HVAC systems.

Verify that the HVAC whether it's an AC unit, heat pump, or furnace, or all three, are working properly. Do any pipes or ductwork allow unrestricted flow? Do all the rooms provide the right amount of airflow and ventilation? Is there any damage to the pipes?

All of these features must be properly inspected even on a brand-new home. Builders have been known to cut corners, miss certain things, or leave out certain items that you were promised in the purchase and sale contract. Go over your contract carefully and verify that with what you're actually getting.

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