2024 Design Trends to Try in Your Granbury Home

2024 Design Trends to Try in Your Granbury HomeDesign trends are ever-changing. If you have just purchased a Granbury home you are probably eager to turn it into something that fits you and you will love living in for years to come. Here are some of the latest design trends for 2024 that might be fun and interesting to bring to your new Granbury home.

Cozy core in the bathroom

Before a couple of years ago several people had never heard of the word hygge before. Scandinavian concept of creating everything that is cozy warm and inviting to envelop a person with warm feelings and comfort. A strategy of bringing together textures and items that make us feel wrapped up in coziness as well as creating comforting feelings.

This year hygge meets up with cozy core. The concept of cozy core grew wildly popular in the fashion world during the pandemic when people were working from home. It was the idea of trading dressed-up office clothes for smartly put-together comfortable ones. These two concepts are meeting to team up in the bathrooms of homes in 2024.

This new twist on cozy core coming to your home and one of the areas where people take time to relax and unwind with a shower or a soak in the tub is growing in popularity. It's the concept of incorporating warm elements like natural lighting, plants, and different textures. One of the most popular and easy ways to bring warmth into the bathroom is with wooden details.

Color drenching

Gone are the days of completely white rooms or only using neutral tones. In the last year or more, you may have seen more and more people picking out deep dark jewel-tone colors and splashing them on almost every surface in a room. For example a deep emerald green on every wall even the ceiling with some emerald green carpet and a velvet emerald green sofa.

It uses a dark rich jewel-tone color that wraps around the space including doors, every wall, the ceiling, the trim, and more. Green is the most popular color to use for this saturated color look. It is a bold statement that can be done well but should be researched to pull it off so that it does not look like a crazy style gone overboard. The concept of color drenching is more about creating a lux feel to a room than an out-of-control style explosion.

Burnished and raw metal finishes

Metal finishes have always been part of design trends in homes. The latest you may have seen was taking bathroom fixtures and changing them to all black. Coming around the corner for metal finish trends is an unpolished dark gray look. Furnished metal fixtures are also having a moment.

These fixtures give a touch of industrial or what is being called brutalism design. It shows a more hard surface material look. It's more of a raw metal workhorse type of feel as compared to the glamorous feel of shiny gold fixtures from just a few years ago.

New design trends are always fun to incorporate into your new Granbury home or to try on a budget-friendly scale to appeal to new buyers if you are getting ready to sell. But before incorporating design trends into your home you want to make sure you are doing so that it comes off as subtle and stylish instead of statement-making and overpowering. This is especially true if you plan on selling your home soon. Going too trendy can be offputting to buyers who don't hold the same style preferences.

If you are planning on buying or selling a home in Granbury I can help. Contact me anytime with any of your Granbury real estate needs. I am here to make your home sale or purchase as stress-free as possible.

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