2021's Top Home Décor Trends

Design Trends have changed quite a bit over the last year, especially in luxury homes, as more people spent longer periods of time in their home. Here are some of the latest home design trends for 2021.

Doors and Dividers

Now that more people, especially families, are spending long periods of time in their home, they are looking for ways to make multipurpose areas into separate spaces that can be turned into a private area for one person. Doors and dividers allow you to stylishly change up a room and divide it into separate areas for multiple uses. What was once a giant living room can now be an office, homework space, fitness room, and entertainment room.

Earth Tones2021's Top Home Décor Trends | Knieper Team

Move over all shades and tones of gray, warm neutral earth tones are coming back in popularity. Items in hues like taupe, beige, sand, terracotta, and everything in between are being sought out for home décor in 2021. Several homeowners are welcoming Greige back into their homes.

“Grandma” Style

Some call this trend Grand Millennial Style as it was made popular by the millennial age group. This style trend is modeled after making a home a cozy place that feels safe and secure by bringing in style influenced from Grandma’s house. It is a nostalgic aesthetic with sweet patterns and old-school retroelements you would expect to find in grandma’s house mixed with bold and modern colors.

High Contrast

This trend is focused on bringing in dark and light shades that complement each other for a bold style statement. White framed chairs with black fabric, pastels and darks, super dark walls with bold colored furniture are all part of the high contrast trend.

Indoor Plants

Those with green thumbs can rejoice as their love for having green things in their home is a popular trend right now. Not only are plants beautiful, they help to bring a sense of calm and peace into a room. Some even help to clean and filter the air. Collecting indoor plants has grown largely in the last several months. Plus taking care of indoor plants gets you focused on bringing life to the world and gives a chance to forget about all that other stuff, even for just a few minutes a day.

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This new trend with an interesting name focuses on neutral colors only, and in sleek lines. It is a mix of Japanese-inspired design with Scandinavian-inspired minimalism. There has been a surge in Japandi related searches on sites like Pinterest.


Curved furniture influenced by the 60s and 70s is coming back in demand.

2021's Top Home Décor Trends | Knieper TeamCanopy Beds

A canopy bed brings simple yet luxurious style to a bedroom. They can work in any room type. Today’s new canopy bed designs are much more vast giving plenty of options to find the perfect one to make a luxury bedroom retreat.

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Mixing Metals

Metallic hues are being used all over the home, not just in spaces like the kitchen. Where they are being used, metal tones are being mixed. The expert blending of silver or nickel finishes with rose or yellow gold hues, for example, is bringing high style and visual interest to several homes this year.

No matter what luxury trend you choose, at the top of every trend focus this year is creating an indoor space that people will love to spend hours in. Making a home luxurious as well as comfortable for long stays.

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