20 Tricks to Selling Your Home for a Bigger Profit

Everyone wants as much profit as possible from the sale of their home but there are ways to increase your asking price and though the potential for more offers on the table. If you're looking to boost your asking price here are 20 ways to increase the profit on the sale of your home.20 ways to boost the profit on home sales

#1. Stage your property.

Honestly, staging definitely helps sell a property. According to the National Association of Realtors, staging a home can run you about $1500-$2000 but it can also increase the sale of your home from 1% to 10%.

#2. Know your home buyer.

Different property types work for different types of buyers and knowing your target home buyer can make a difference when selling. If a single-family home is in good condition, many buyers are looking to move in without doing a lot of home repairs so completing these things beforehand would be a good way to boost profit and increase the attractiveness on the home. If the home is in poor condition, it might not qualify for a traditional home loan so your target buyer might be a real estate investor or cash buyer.

#3. Boost the curb appeal.

Homebuyers definitely look at the outside first and if it appeals to them, they'll venture inside so make that curb appeal amazing. This is where hiring a professional landscaper might really pay off.

#4. Update the kitchen.

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the places that definitely can give you a good rate of return if you perform some updates before listing. New appliances, clean, white paint, and affordable flooring options like tile or Perko are great ways to boost the appeal of the kitchen.

20 Tricks to Selling Your Home for a Bigger Profit#5. Update the bathroom.

Like I said before, the bathroom is the second most popular place to complete some upgrades. Take a look at what homebuyers are looking for these days and try to mimic that in the bathroom. Mid-range bathroom remodels have increased so try less expensive updates like cabinet refacing and hardware replacement.

#6. New hardware.

Simply updating the hardware in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room can add a new look to a space. These little things can add a lot of charm to the home and a touch of whimsy.

#7. De-clutter

Simply by decluttering the space, you will give more room for buyers to take a look at the property itself rather than your items in the home. You want to clean and organized home, which gives the impression that the home is been well maintained.

#8. Consider smart home technology.

Today's tech savvy buyers are looking for a home that not only stands out but can provide them with all the smart home technology they need such as programmable thermostats, smart door locks, and security systems. And… They're not as expensive as you might think.

#9. Paint the walls.

If you live in your home long enough, your walls will eventually become outdated. Many wallpapers in bright pink colors can turn off potential buyers so make it warmer and inviting with beige's, grays, and whites.

#10. Install a ceiling fan.20 Tricks to Selling Your Home for a Bigger Profit

Believe it or not, people are actually willing to pay more for ceiling fans installed in bedrooms. These inexpensive upgrades is a great value driving improvement and can be installed for less than 50 bucks.

#11. Update the flooring.

Buyers are looking away from carpet these days so installing hardwood floors or hardwood looking laminate can give your home that updated feel without the expense of hardwood. If you already have hardwood, consider refinishing them.

#12. Increase your outdoor living space.

Consider adding on a deck or expanding the deck making a better place for people to gather and folks to enjoy the outside. An outdoor living space can increase the profit on your home because you're technically doubling the amount of space people have to enjoy the property.

#13. New lighting fixtures.

Did you know that natural light automatically makes a room more appealing? Clean the windows, open the blinds, and turn on the lights and while you're at it, consider upgrading your lighting fixtures to more modern designs.

#14. Stay up-to-date on maintenance.

When you're ready to list your home can be easy to let routine maintenance get a little lax so go through the home with a checklist and upgrade, repair, and fix anything that might stick out like a sore thumb to potential buyers.

#15. Consider a home inspection.

Many people, once they've lived in a home for so long, can become blind to certain issues that will stand out to a buyer. You might consider having a home inspection completed making lists of updates, upgrades, and problem areas that need to be fixed before listing. This will also show buyers that you're willing to go above and beyond to get the home sold.

#16. Utilize the neighborhood.

Neighborhoods can have a big effect on a home's value. Community upgrades like swimming pools and playgrounds can help boost profit in high-end neighborhoods. It is important to focus and feature on these community highlights, especially for folks that want to live in a more all-inclusive neighborhood.

#17. Picking the right time to sell.

Your real estate agent will have a better idea of inventory levels and when it's a good time to list. Even listing on certain days of the week can have better results than others. Feel free to talk to us at any time for details on what it's best to list your Granbury home.

#18. Price your home correctly from the beginning.

It's a common mistake to set your initial cost too high. Many real estates may actually take the opposite approach by lowering the cost of the home, listing at the right time, and getting multiple offers, which could potentially offer you much more than your initial asking price. Be sure to talk with your agent about the strategy behind this tactic.

#19. Pack up all personal items.

Now is the time to make the space as neutral as possible so that just about anyone can move in. It's time to lovingly pack up your teacup collections, personal photos, and memorabilia and leave the home as clean and clear as possible.

#20. Be flexible.

Being flexible with potential buyers shows that not only do you value their time but you're motivated to sell and this could actually increase the profit on your home. When there are multiple options, buyers can afford to be picky and if you're difficult to work with, there is usually another seller willing to be more flexible.

If you're ready to sell your Granbury Texas home contact our office at any time. We'd love to provide additional tips on selling your home, specifics on how we can market your property, and how quickly it could sell in this market.

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