10 Things to Know About Buying a Home on Lake Granbury

Buying a Home on Lake Granbury? Here's what to know about buying a lakefront home.10 Things to Know About Buying a Home on Lake Granbury

Our office specializes in buying homes in Granbury Texas, specifically around Lake Granbury. There are multiple communities and lakefront neighborhoods and is one of the most beautiful places in the county, but there are some specifics about buying a lakefront home that we want our buyers to know about. Here are 10 things to know about buying a lakefront home, specifically on Lake Granbury.

#1. The home's orientation.

You might be excited to buy a lakefront home but if the position of the home to the lake is not conducive to your lifestyle, it will probably bug you for years after you purchase the property. And this is something you're probably not going to think about right off the bat. Think about how the sun is setting or coming up and if it will affect your day-to-day living. Does the home get morning or afternoon sun? Do you have protection from the sun? How about the winds coming off the lake? The orientation of the house can really factor in to the benefit you're getting from buying a lakefront home. If it gets hot in the afternoon and the home and property receives more shade in the afternoon, will you really enjoy the lake like you want to?

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#2. Understand information about the lake.

Find out as much information about the lake as you can such as is it a good lake for swimming, does it have a sandy or muddy bottom, how busy is it during the summer, and what recreational opportunities are allowed on the lake. From kayaking and boating, to fishing and swimming, Lake Granbury makes a wonderful place for all water recreation. What about in the winter? Will there be any winter water activities that you want to partake in? What about the water level? Does the lake ever flood?

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#3. Flood insurance.

Speaking of the lake flooding, you may need additional insurance when buying a waterfront or lakefront home. Depending on where the home is situated on Lake Granbury, you may or may not need additional insurance but you always want to ask. Give your insurance the address of the home to find out if they require any additional flood insurance.

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#4. Will you have the privacy that you want?

Lake Granbury is pretty big but it also is visited frequently by tourists. Will you mind people running the rowboat right in front of your dock or floating pasture property in an inner tube? You may have a lack of privacy by buying a lakefront home because it's not just people driving up to your home, but people boating around it as well.

10 Things to Know About Buying a Home on Lake Granbury#5. Are there added regulations?

Ask your real estate agent about any coastal commissions or lakefront regulations such as dock requirements, boat size requirements, and maintenance.

#6. Homeowner associations.

There are several specific communities and neighborhoods around Lake Granbury and several have their own associations with regulations that homeowners need to follow. Be sure to inquire about these regulations and if they hinder any of your waterfront activities or needs.

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#7. Additional possibilities?

Are you planning on adding on to the home or building an outbuilding? There may be some regulations as to how you can build on lakefront property. Lake Granbury has its own local zoning laws so if you're planning on building an addition to your home or upgrading your property, there could be some building permits and codes you'll need to follow. This is something to be aware of before buying the property.

#8. Will you be on septic or public sewer?

Most of homes around Lake Granbury are on septic with about 40% being city sewer, but you want to make sure you understand the difference because there are homes that have been grandfathered in and may not be subject to certain sewer and water laws.

#9. Don't forget about hidden costs.

Lakefront properties can carry additional expenses that many homebuyers may not understand. Water and sewer rates can be more expensive, boat dock and lift fees, septic tank and maintenance, additional property taxes and insurance, and utilities. Depending on the location of the home and its occlusion, some utilities such as power, water, cable, and sewer may be more expensive.

#10. Accessibility.

Are you looking for a home right on the lake? Do you want your own private dock or a shared dock? Are you looking to be in an association with access to the lake? How much responsibility do you want as a property owner on the lake? How accessible is the property from major roads and highways? How far away is the nearest market or restaurant? Accessibility is a big deal to a lot of people so it's important that you take this into consideration when choosing the right lakefront home.

** Bonus: use a lakefront Realtor®. Because we specialize in Granbury homes and homes around Lake Granbury, our agents know specifically the type of questions to ask, how to write up a solid offer, and all the details about a home on Lake Granbury. We look forward to talking with you today about buying a lakefront home in Granbury Texas.


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